Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm excited :)

Today is Studio Calico's reveal day for the October kit! Everything looks amazing, especially the exclusive stamps. I'm a huge fan of SC's acrylic stamps, and this month is no exception. I'm not a subscriber, for various reasons, but I totally wish I was. I'll have to wait until 9pm PST to pick up the main kit and a few other things!

School is definitely keeping me busy; I have two midterms and a quiz this week, so there's lots of studying yet to be done. I did finish a layout this weekend though, just for fun.
I used Studio Calico's August 2010 kit (Summer Camp) and add-ons (Sugar Woods and Footpath). I also added some washi-tape and used Broken China ink and my Fiskars apron lace punch.
Here's a close-up. I love those Basic Grey micro mini alphas!
Here's another close-up. I randomly ripped various lengths of washi tape to put behind the title, for a little bit more visual interest.

Thank you so much for all the comments on my previous post! I'm still figuring out blogspot, so I'm not sure if I can reply to comments there. I did get a few questions about my mini-books, so I thought I'd answer them here.

I do make all my mini-books, and I use various methods to 'bind' them or put them together. If I have a general idea of the mini-book, but I haven't decided how many pages I need or what order they'll be in, I use the book-ring method, where I use two pieces of cardboard/chipboard (decorated with patterned paper and embellishments) as the front and back covers and my handy hole punch. I buy the book-rings at an office supply store. By using this method, I can put in the pages as I make them, or switch around the order of the pages later on.

If I've preplanned my pages and I know exactly what order I'm going to put my pictures and journaling, I use a different method of putting together the mini-book. For my Japan mini, I planned out my pages so I knew how many pages I would need, and then I followed Elise Blaha's mini-book tutorial that was on Ali Edwards' blog last summer. It's really easy and fun to do :) Here's a link to the tutorial: small blank books.

As for the most recent minis I've made (the blank ones in my last post), I knew that they were going to be small and not have many pages in them, so I tried out some new techniques. The mini-book (made using things from my stash) was created following Tina Aszmus' awesome fabrip bookbinding tutorial on the Studio Calico blog, except I used washi tape instead of fabrips. The link for the tutorial is here. The mini-book, made using Studio Calico's August 2010 kit was bound with a super simple tutorial I bookmarked ages ago. It's a Japanese bookbinding technique, and the link to the tutorial on that is here.

If anyone wants to see, the inside of my 'Happy Life' mini can be seen here and the inside of my 'Japan' mini can be seen here.

Okay, this entry is really long, lol. I hope this is useful for some of you and that you try making mini-books as well :) Link me up if you do!


  1. i came across your blog on the studio calico board- you have some great layouts & the one included in this post is no exception! i love it. :)

  2. love how you decorated the thickers- so creative!

  3. i missed your Japan mini in the SC gallery somehow. thanks for linking it up here. =)

  4. Your minis are just the cutest!! And that layout is beautiful..

  5. I already wrote this on the gallery, but I love this layout! I really need to create some more with my Partly Sunny kit. These kits come around so fast, I hardly have time to play before getting another one!

  6. I'm excited too, not only for the SC kit this month but that you've started a blog! yay! Your layouts are always so bright & fresh, I love your style :)

  7. Thank you so much for including the links here. I've been making a lot of minis lately so I'm loving these binding ideas. I'm definitely going to try Elise's technique.

  8. This is so pretty! Good lick with all of your school work!

  9. Hey Geralyn! You won the giveaway on my blog! E-mail me with your addy and I'll send you prize off to you. By the way, I LOVE your blog. You have so much talent! Keep posting. :) I connect with you on so many levels- I love SC and I'm a 20 year old. Let's be friends. Ha.

  10. Hi Geralyn -
    Thanks for taking the time to talk more about your mini-books. Great pages too - love all the texture you add to your pages.