Friday, April 29, 2011

China Travel Mini-book - Part 2

I'm back with part 2 of the giant mini-book! Here's part 1, if you missed the post.

Once again, feel free to click on any picture if you want to see it larger. Here's days 4-6.

That's it! :) So glad I finished this project. It's been sitting around for a while. Here are some thoughts and information on the book:

  • I resized all my photos (most are 3x4", with a couple 2x3") and I had them printed all at one time, that way I wouldn't have to hassle with picking and printing pictures each time I made a new page. It saved me a lot of time in the long run. 
  • I didn't decide "X photo would go on one page and Y photo would go on the page facing it" beforehand. I just picked and printed whatever photos I liked. I only started laying out the pictures once I began working on the book.
  • I brought a journal to the trip. Each night, when we returned to the hotel, I wrote about what we did that day, before I went to sleep. I do this for almost every trip I go on, so that when I'm scrapbooking the trip later (like this book - which documents a trip from last summer), I have those notes to refer back to when I'm journaling.
  • I also brought a ziplock bag to the trip, so whatever memorabilia I collect (tickets and brochures, mainly) would go in there. In this mini-book, you can see that I've included lots of those tickets and extra bits by making pockets throughout the book to house the memorabilia.
  • Most of the inner pages of the book are 6x6". I threw in a couple odd sized pages as well, to make pockets for tickets or for additional journaling. The pages are just patterned paper backed with patterned paper. 
  • The front and back covers are 6.25x6.5". I used cardboard for the covers (often included in a Studio Calico add-on kit to prevent the papers from bending/getting wrinkled) and I covered it with patterned paper.
  • Majority of my supplies came from Studio Calico's July 2010 kit - Continental and August 2010 kit - Summer Camp. I did pull out some additional supplies from my stash that coordinated well with the rest of my supplies. Of course, I used my go-to items throughout the book - Studio Calico stamps, homemade tags, and washi tape.
  • Like I said, this project has been sitting around for a while. I finally started making a few pages each time I found myself having some free time. The mini-book does look like a big project, but it was much easier to handle once I divided up the photos into Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc. Also, 6x6" pages are so much faster to complete than full-sized scrapbook pages :)
  • I've mentioned it before, but I ended up using 3.5" binder rings to bind together the mini-book. 3" binder rings fit, but it was a little tight and I wanted to give it a little more room, so I switched it out for larger rings.
I think that's everything! If you have any more questions, just leave it in the comments and I'll answer you there. Thanks for looking :) 


  1. Oh, this is so fun and cheerful. I also loved seeing bits from old kits all together! Great work!

  2. this is so wonderful!
    thank you for answering the questions too =)
    p.s. this soooooooooooooooooo makes me wish i had got my hands on the noah alphas before they were gone for good =((

  3. This is amazing! Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Geralyn - it's faaaaantastic! Wow. I adore the shopping page. Great work.

  5. Great GREAT book- my fave page is the smaller sized one with all the photos- I guess that's an index print? I also love that you had a Chinese stamp made of your name- that's a great story. I agree that minis aren't as daunting as expected and I love that you don't really plan the layout ahead- the project is like a second journey.

  6. this is just awesome - no one does minis like you!

  7. Fun stuff!! I love mini books...this one is great!! :)

  8. Great mini album Geralyn, very inspiring and fun to look at!

  9. I absolutely adore your style - this mini is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing and telling us your tips.

  10. Love all the great colour in this. Such a great record of your travel. So much in there for such a small format. :)

  11. Love it!! You said you used cardboard for the covers. Is this thicker chipboard or just thinner like posterboard?

  12. Hi Wendy! Hmm, it's kind of in between. A bit thicker than posterboard, but not as thick as chipboard. I used some cardboard that was included in my Studio Calico kit to help prevent the supplies from being bent/damaged. Hope that helps!