Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A little Project Life update

***Studio Calico blog blitz giveaway is still open below***

I've gotten a few questions about my journaling cards and my own version of Project Life, so I thought I'd address them here. I am using my cards for my PL, and how I'm doing that is by resizing the 2.9x4 journaling cards to be 2.5x3.5, so that they'll fit into the baseball card page protector pockets. Super simple to do in Photoshop :)

I also wanted to share something I tried the other day, with one of the cards from the Sayings set. I liked how it turned out!

The completed card is at the bottom right here. This is one (almost complete) spread of PL where I've used both traditional scrapbook supplies and my journaling cards (from Everyday no.1, Sunshine, and Sayings). I am really loving the mix :)

Here's a close-up of two of my favorite pockets, because I like the look of combining journaling cards + scrappy supplies :) The left card is from the Everyday no.1 set and I added the cute Anthropologie button (from the card that they mail to you on your birthday) with baker's twine, then stamped the date and phrase with some Studio Calico stamps.

For the card beside it, I didn't bring my camera out that day so I printed out some photos from the Anthropologie website of items that I bought. Then I decorated the card with leftovers from my SC City of Lights kit.

If you've been using my journaling cards in your own Project Life, please link me up! I'd love to see :) My sweet friends Nicole & Kelly have already used them in their own PL spreads...Nicole's Week 14 and Kelly's Week 11 :)

Today, my huge SC box is scheduled to arrive. I can't wait! It's definitely something I've been looking forward to since I'm in the midst of exam period at school right now. Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Love your card and the way you used it. Gorgeous PL page xxx

  2. love your approach to PL! you make it look so fun and easy!! :)

  3. While I'm not participating in PL, i love what you did with this little card! It looks great!

  4. Love how you make a small cut on your card! Thanks for sharing the tips. I'll try them on your cards I purchased. I just love your designs and can't wait to use them on my next PL updates! :)

  5. Added to my list of must try, thanks for the tip!

  6. Hi Geralyn, love these cards! Just wondered if what font you used for your instructions on your photos? Thanks!

  7. Hi Geralyn, I really love the cards you designed for PL. However, I'm hesitant to purchase them because I'm worried they won't fit into the standard baseball card sleeves that I'm using. In this post you said you resized your cards using Photoshop... How can I use your cards without having to cut part of them off to make them fit? Please let me know. :)

    1. Hi Nicolle! Do you have access to Photoshop or PSE? In Photoshop you can open up a card and resize it by going to Image > Image Size. Another option (the one that I use) is to use the Crop Tool and set the dimensions to 2.5x3.5", then crop the card to fit standard size baseball card sleeves. This option will cut off the sides of the card a tad bit, but it's not really noticeable and won't affect any of the designs. If you have further questions, you can shoot me an email at inacreativebubble(AT) :)