Thursday, May 3, 2012

Need it!

I was sorting through my photos today, and found this photo I took last week that I had forgotten that I wanted to share. The 'need it' tape (from K&Co Smash) was just an extra bit from a strip that I tore off, and so, without giving it much thought, I stuck it on the box. When I was photographing my box of tape for a project, I looked through the viewfinder and that 'need it' tape was actually perfect for this shot, haha.
Oh washi tape, even after three years of collecting and using, I still love it! The funny thing is, last month, when I was helping both my brother and sister work on some scrapbooking projects (their first times, respectively), they both used a lot of my tape collection and agreed that this tape was awesome :)

I think my entire family knows my love of washi tape ;) I'm lucky my dad knows it so well that he even bought me some new ones last month without me asking for them. He totally surprised me. He. is. awesome. There's even some fabric tape in the mix; I can't wait to try those out.

Are you a washi tape fan? Do you have large collection as well? If you need ideas on how to use your collection, Studio Calico has a new washi tape workshop, which looks really fun :) There's even a class kit in very limited quantities, with some of my favorite rolls of tape (I guess I may be a bit addicted to washi tape, if I already own 4 of the 5 rolls in the class kit! ha).

In other news, I've been working on designing new journaling cards again, and my plan is to update my shoppe next week. But before that, I have some scrapping assignments to do today...National Scrapbooking Day (May 5) is coming up and there is a lot of fun stuff planned over at Studio Calico. Be sure to drop by on Saturday!


  1. Oh my! what a great collection! I love washi tape, I love how others used them but never got any of them :(

  2. your dad is awesome! i was wondering, can you tell me the name of the manufacturer of the taller "masking tape mini"? i want to try and find that set on the internet...i love the combo of colors! please let me know :) :)

    1. I threw away the packaging already but I'm pretty sure the brand is Marks :) I've seen it a few times, as well as similar combinations, on the internet!

  3. That is one great dad:) I also picked up some fabric washi tape from two peas and can't wait to play with it!