Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Home Sweet Home

After a month of travelling, it feels so good be home. We're experiencing a bit of a heat wave at the moment, so on my first day back, I went to grab fro-yo with a friend and we headed down to the pier to watch the sun set. It was the perfect way to spend the evening, a nice welcome home, and a happy reminder of why I love this place :)

I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things as I settle back into regular life and get over my jetlag. I have a bit of unpacking left to do, stuff to design, things to work on for the upcoming SC class, and summer plans to make. I have travel photos I'd like to share here as well, but I haven't gotten around to sorting and editing them yet. For now, here are a few photos I snapped of things I brought home from vacation:

unpacked // my instax camera & instax photos

unpacked // my favorite little purchases from Japan (a new summer tote bag, a mug from the Hakone Open-Air Museum, polka dot instax film, washi tape, and stationery)

unpacked // vacation memorabilia for scrapbooking & Project Life

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far :) 


  1. welcome home Geralyn! that's a beautiful photo up there. . .

  2. gorgeous photo and sorry for wishing you back to work (love seeing what you create!) :)

  3. That tote bag is really cute!!

  4. OMG love it i think i have to start to collect my travel memorabilia and love your landscape photo