Friday, November 8, 2013

Letterpress love!

Letterpress. Pure love. It's just so cool to see the impression appear on paper after running the platform through a manual die-cut machine. I haven't had that much time to play around with it, but I did give the silver letterpress ink a try the other day. There's definitely a bit of a learning curve to try and figure out how much pressure and ink is needed, but I'm pretty happy with my results for my first time!

I used the To the Moon and Back letterpress plate on a 3x4 card for this layout. I attempted to make a monochromatic layout, but I love color too much so I ended up adding a few pops of color with stickers and washi tape :) Most of the bits and pieces on this layout are from my stash. This is an old photo from my childhood that I saw for the first time a few weeks ago. My aunt had sent us a CD of old photos and this was one of the ones included :) I love it!
I cut out the inside of the moon and backed it with some chevron patterned paper (Studio Calico, past release). I made sure to use some foam dots for added dimension!
That vintage '3' tag was from the packaging of some jewelry I bought at Anthropologie years ago. I've been saving it for the perfect project, and then this photo came along. So happy when things like this happen.
My current favorite washi tape is this beautiful cloud one. I purchased it in Japan this past summer - it's a MT tape that you can probably find on etsy or somewhere online. It seriously is so pretty.
I can't wait to spend more time with my letterpress supplies, time permitting. Have you given letterpress a try? I'd love to see what you've made. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. First let me say...I love your have a fabulous style!

    These letterpress items you've made are wonderful...I'd love to give it a try. But can you tell me...I read that the plates only last about a year. Is this true?

    1. I haven't had them for a year yet, so I can't determine if they'll only last a year. But I heard if they're well taken care of they will last longer!

  2. Hi! I love all your work. Specially your mini books! you are a inspiration to me.