Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Los Angeles // Four Faves

As I was editing my photos from my trip to Los Angeles back in December, I realized that I have a lot of photos and they are quite a random assortment. So I've decided to save the tourist-y snapshots for another post and talk about a couple of my personal favorite LA shops here. These are local businesses that I've heard about before, follow on instagram, and/or have always wanted to visit, so I'm glad we made time to drop by during our short stay in LA.

01. Shop // Urbanic Paper Boutique
This place was paper heaven! My mom, sister and I spent lots of time admiring all the beautiful stationery that this store carries, and I wish I had the money & luggage space to bring them all home with me. So pretty.

02. Eat // Bottega Louie
I was expecting Bottega Louie to be a little bakery/patisserie, so I was surprised to find it has a big restaurant as well as a bar, gourmet market, and patisserie. We stopped by for cakes and macarons, and I was particularly fond of their La Vanille Flocage. Everything was delicious though and almost too pretty to eat - almost ;)

03. Coffee Break // Handsome Coffee Roasters
I am a sucker for good branding so Handsome Coffee Roasters was right up my alley. Loved their branding + packaging, and they make a great cup of coffee as well. We stopped by their HQ in the Arts District because we had some time to kill before dinner reservations, and it's a nice, open space with a beautifully warm interior.

04. Shop // Poketo
Poketo carries the coolest things, including an assortment of Korean stationery, beautiful apparel, and homeware. We really enjoyed browsing this store. I was tempted to buy so many things, and in the end we bought a few unique wooden toys for my nephew and a notebook for me :)

LA has so many cool and fun shops, and we only had time to visit a few of them. But I'm glad we made time to go to these local businesses because it's nice to mix it up and intersperse these places with the regular tourist destinations & sightseeing. I can't wait to go back to LA one day and explore more! One of my favorite cities in the US, for sure :) More LA travel photos to come.

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  1. A fellow paper junkie I see! Luv it when I find kindred spirits. Too bad I live so far away or I would most definitely pay a visit to Urban Paper Boutique. Looks awesome. Visiting from over at www.ritewhileucan.com I think you might like it. Lovely to meet you.