Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Travel Tuesday no.1 // Wanderlust

Hello, Travel Tuesday! I thought it would be fun to start a new blog series that I'll hopefully keep up with - all about travel :) It may be a post about some travel photos, throwbacks, thoughts, or anything travel-related, really. I love to travel and thought it would be fun to share more about my past trips and places I dream of going.

So today's post: wanderlust. There are tons of places I want to go to, but of the places I've been to before, these are the top four that I would revisit in a heartbeat (photos above were taken during my past travels to these places):

1. New York - Amazing shopping + lots to see, do and eat. I'd love to go back and explore more - spend more time in Brooklyn, visit Top of the Rock at twilight, eat all over the city at the coolest restaurants, visit Ace Hotel, watch more broadways/plays, and just experience more of the city.

2. Japan - I love everything about Japan - the shopping, the food, the culture. I've been there four times but I always find myself wanting to go back. It's my happy place. In the future, I'd love to visit during cherry blossom season, and I want to make my way out to Sapporo and Okinawa.

3. South Korea - When we visited, we went during the summer and it was pretty awesome. Love all the cold desserts and snacks :) (Food is clearly a big part of travelling, ha!) I'd love to go back and spend more time exploring and visiting more cute themed cafes (we went to a Charlie Brown cafe & an amazing travel themed cafe last time).

4. England - I want to go all over Europe, really, but England is a place that I've visited once and would love to return to. We only spent five days here and we were mainly in London. There's a lot of places to go to, I'm sure! One day, I'll make it back here.

How about you? Are you bitten by the travel bug? ;) What places would you love to go to?


  1. Beautiful! I would LOVE to go to Italy--one day:)

  2. Anywhere and everywhere in Europe! :)

  3. I've been to all but South Korea. Love NYC! Def a place to explore. Thankfully we lived in DC and we'd drive up to NYC and stay at the Navy Lodge so it was pretty reasonable then take the ferry into NYC. That was lots of fun! Japan, I was raised in Japan because my dad was also military (my husband is also). I love everything about it. Been back to my hometown several times because of hubby's work so I usually go off on my own... and England, wow, there's so much I can say about that beautiful and historic place! Love, love, love England! I've been there several times because of hubby's work and I hope to move there one day! LOL! Love looking at your travel pics and layouts!

  4. I'm totally bitten by the travel bug! I've been dreaming of going to Austin, Texas and back to Florence, Italy. Maybe even backpacking across Europe!

    Ah...one day.

  5. That bug is always biting! England is one of my favorite places. My father's family is all over there, so we visited a lot growing up. I haven't been in a while now and my heart aches to go again. I also would really love to go to Mexico again. Hoping for our 10th anniversary next year. Crossing fingers.

  6. Right now?
    I'm dying to explore France. Only been once, very briefly, and I kind of fell in love. Beyond that?
    England, Ireland, more Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Scotland, Spain, Portugal...