Friday, February 14, 2014

Life, lately // no.1

Hello hello! I'm still here, just took a bit of a blog break for a while. In all honesty, life threw a bunch of lemons at me a couple of weeks ago, and that coupled with computer problems made me step back for a little while. I'm trying to move past all of it though and ease back into blogging and scrapping and the little things that make me happy.

So, life lately. Trying to focus on the positives and the good stuff. Currently...

time: past midnight. Still can't shake the habit of sleeping late.
drinking: a cup of green tea. I always find a cup of tea so soothing.
watching: the Olympics! Love watching highlights every day and hearing the Canadian stories. Go Canada :)
loving: the usual - instagram & pinterest. My favorite social media platforms that I check daily.
thinking: about upcoming adventures and getting excited about them.
needing: a lot of things. But right now, more time and sleep. Don't we all?
making: a couple layouts and Project Life spreads. I haven't been able to make stuff for a while now because of the aforementioned life + pc issues, and it feels good to get back into it. It also helps that the Studio Calico March kits are awesome.
enjoying: practicing brush script, ala the Kal Barteski class.

Have a good weekend everyone! xo.