Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Travel Tuesday no.3 // Santa Monica

Anyone else sick of the cold weather? Granted, I know it's much colder in other parts of the country & world than where I am, but I can't wait until we get actual sunshine and spring. Dreaming about warm weather made me go back and look at my Santa Monica photos from my trip to Los Angeles in December. LA was the perfect place to escape to in the wintertime. The weather was wonderfully warm and I loved not having to wear a jacket during the day.

I miss LA and its sunny days already. Spring, please come soon!!


  1. Hi Geralyn! Just wanted to ask what camera body and lens you usually use for travelling? I love how crisp and clean your shots are! :)

    1. Hi Abby! I shoot with my Nikon d80 + 18-105 VR kit lens!