Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Travel Tuesday no.6 // Europe Photolog III

When we were planning our Europe adventure, we debated about where we wanted to go for a day trip while in Paris. Since we had been to Versailles before and Loire Valley was too far for just a day, we settled on Giverny to go see Claude Monet's home and gardens. It was a short morning and afternoon there, but one that was very well spent.

It's funny; I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with Claude Monet's works. In fifth grade, one of our art assignments was to research an artist and make a copy of one of his paintings. I had chosen Monet at random, and it was during the process of attempting to copy his style when painting one his paintings that I learned to appreciate the complexity of his work and his beautiful impressionist style. As the years passed and I travelled more, I was always happy to find Monet's works in museums around the world. We had spent an entire day at Musée D'Orsay during our first trip to Paris in 2008 and I soaked in all the amazing art there, including their extensive Monet collection. This time around, we visited Musée de L'Orangerie just a few days prior to going to Giverny so we could see Monet's incredible paintings of waterlilies in the oval rooms. 

Monet's home and gardens were amazing. Photos just don't do the place justice and I think it is so much more beautiful when experienced in person.  It was incredibly inspiring to be there and to imagine that Monet spent half his life here, painting his gardens. I'm so glad we went!

If you're interested in learning more about Monet's home and gardens, I just read an interesting article about the restoration process a few days ago. Love the thought process behind the restoration and the amount of care and attention to detail put into everything. 

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