Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Travel Tuesday no.7 // Europe Photolog IV

Upon stepping into La Grand Place on our first night in Brussels, I was hit with a rush of familiarity and I couldn't help but smile as memories of this square came to mind. It has been six years since I was last here, and I could still remember my fondness of this place and the feeling of awe at the beauty of these buildings.

We spent about a day and a half in Brussels, simply walking around here and there. It's an easy city to navigate, though we pretty much stuck to the downtown area (we went to some further away sights such as the Atomium and the Belgian Comic Strip Center during our last visit). It was really nice to be familiar with the area and visit some of our favorite places, such as Jardin du Petit Sablon, Galerie Royales Saint-Hubert, and of course, La Grand-Place.

Perhaps the highlight of our trip was finding our favorite cafe again after all these years! I had mentioned it on instagram - six years ago, we had really great waffles and hot chocolate at a cafe here in Brussels. We never wrote down the name, but we just had a vague memory of it being in a corner of La Grand-Place. We went looking for it this trip, and we found it! If you ever get a chance to go to Aroma Coffee Lounge, I highly recommend their orange hot chocolate :) It was so good we stopped by twice for this drink before we headed off to the next city!

I'm going to be taking a bit of a break with my Europe entries in the next few weeks, but I still have some more posts to come. Just need a bit of time to compile them. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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