Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life, lately // no.3

I know the official start of summer was technically last Saturday, but I've already had my big summer adventure for this year. I spent the past five weeks on two different continents (Asia + Europe), visiting familiar places as well as plenty of new ones. It was so much fun and definitely fed my wanderlust, but after such a long trip, it definitely feels good to be home.

Some currents...

time: 8:30AM. I've been up for awhile now, which isn't good because it means I'm still a bit jetlagged! Ahh.
drinking: tea. I drink way more tea than coffee.
watching: the Suits episodes I missed! Other than that, not much.
loving: the cooler weather at home, as compared to SE Asia. having a stable internet connection again. browsing Pinterest. the newest Studio Calico collection, Brighton Pier - perfect for summer.
thinking: of design, deadlines, and the future.
needing: to do a purge. Summer is always the time I feel motivated to do a big clean-up of my room, and I want to clean out my closet as well as go through my scrapbooking stuff to figure what will stay and what needs to go.
making: layouts and Project Life spreads with the new Studio Calico kit!
enjoying: spending time with friends - catching up and hanging out :)

Just wanted to say I'm back and will hopefully no longer be MIA on my blog! I'll share more about my trip later on. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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