Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Travel Tuesday no.14 // Seville

Seville was the second city we visited in Southern Spain, and it definitely was my favorite. The weather was absolutely perfect for exploring the beautiful city. We spent some time seeing buildings from from the Ibero-American Expo of 1929, including the gorgeous Plaza de Espana, and then we spent the rest of the day walking around the city and visiting some of the famous historical monuments. I thoroughly enjoyed every place we visited here and would have loved an extra day in this city to see more!


I was so impressed by the Royal Alcazar of Seville. It is apparently the oldest palace still in use in Europe, and the intricate details of Renaissance, Gothic and Moorish architecture throughout the palace took my breath away. We also paid the additional fee to tour the royal apartments, which gave us more insight on the rooms and lives of the royal family.

The Seville Cathedral is the third largest church in the world and is conveniently located right by the Alcazar, so we made sure to stop by for a visit. It is also the burial site of Christopher Columbus! I've always been interested in history, so learning about Spanish history with relation to each place we visited was so cool. We also climbed ramps that were equivalent to 30+ flights of stairs up the Giralda Tower for a beautiful view of Seville. 

Our last stop for the day was a fairly recent addition to Seville and supposedly the largest wooden structure in the world - Metropol Parasol. Viewing it from different angles gave us unique perspectives of the structure, and we walked as far back as we could to snap this photo of the whole thing. We also paid a few euros to take the elevator to the top where we took a wifi break, had some drinks, and enjoyed the breeze. Such a perfect way to relax and end the day.

We did get lost walking back to our hotel, but with pretty views on the way like this one, I can't complain. Seville was so much fun! I'd definitely recommend spending some time here to see and explore the city.


  1. Your photos are gorgeous (as always). Can you share what lens you have? Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks Jenny! When I travel, I just bring my kit lens to shoot with - a 18-105mm lens.

  2. Gorgeous!! We were there for a day trip and saw the Alcazar as well:) We were staying in Algarve area of Portugal..another beautiful area.