Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tokyo Travel Mini // Part I

As I've mentioned before, one of my goals for this year to is to make more travel mini books. I have a long list of trips I hope to tackle, and in particular, my past Japan trips are high up on this list. I decided to start with the oldest trip - my first time visiting Tokyo back in 2012 - and I'm sharing Part I of this album here today.

I love using Studio Calico handbooks for my travel minis and have become accustomed to the 6x8 size. For this trip though, I decided to go with the Becky Higgins 6x8 album since I thought the thinner spine would be perfect for accommodating all that I wanted to document for a three day trip (technically five days, but we only had three full days in the city).

Photos + Memorabilia:
I edited all my photos in Photoshop and had them printed at Costco, simply because there would be too many for me to print at home and I am more likely to finish a travel mini-book if I have all the photos printed beforehand. I saved a whole bunch of memorabilia (tickets, business cards, brochures etc) in a ziploc bag during the trip and selected my favorites to include in this mini. You may be wondering how I could possibly remember what I want to document for a trip that happened three years ago, but I've been pretty diligent with keeping a travel journal each time I go on an adventure. I definitely refer to it a lot to keep my album in chronological order and to help jog my memories on certain details.

The majority of the supplies I used are papers, cards and embellishments from past Studio Calico kits. I also used a lot of Kelly Purkey stamps. I have stationery and washi tape from my stash as well - anything notable I'll try to point out!

The first page in my album is this beautiful Rifle Paper Co greeting card, stapled onto a transparency and inserted in a 5x7 page protector.

Left // Behind the greeting card, I added an old Basic Grey map paper, travel ticket (I thought the '2' was appropriate since it was my second time in Japan) and a bit of journaling on why we went to Tokyo. The washi tape of Japan at the bottom was purchased at the Narita airport.

Right // I used a page protector that has 2" square slots for my title page. The Tokyo illustrated circle in the middle is a Rifle Paper Co coaster I bought last year. I wasn't sure how to include it so I decided to scan and shrink the coaster to fit in one of the 2" slots.

Left // The 'Tokyo' stamp was perfect for this trip and it's from a Kelly Purkey stamp set that my friend Eri sent to me! (You can find it in her shop here).

Right // Our first day in Tokyo really wasn't much since we arrived there quite late at night, but I had to include it here for the story to flow. I kept it quite simple. The circle & airplane stamp is from a set I designed for Studio Calico last year, available here.

Right // You'll notice as I share more of this mini that I've attempted to use up some of my alpha stash and create title cards for places we visited. The skinny thickers here are some of my favorite alphas from a Studio Calico kit last year.

Left // One of my favorite things about visiting Japanese sights is that many have a stamp station for you to stamp their logo/emblem/image! It even has the date on the stamp. I had stamped the Meiji Jingu stamp on scrap paper, then when I came home, I scanned it. The stamped image was originally a bit larger than 3" but I shrank the circle to 2" before printing.

Right // The first piece of memorabilia I included here is a pamphlet from the shrine. I really like keeping these pamphlets as they tell interesting historical information about the place we visited. You'll see quite a few of them in my book. Since the pamphlet was oversized and definitely wouldn't fit in a pocket, I simply used an attacher die to create little tabs, which I glued onto the pamphlet so I could insert it here.

Left // If I remember, I try to add some text and simple graphics on my photos before printing (like the words 'Yoyogi Park' & geotag, as well as the word 'tourists'). It adds a nice little touch.

Left // I'm really happy with how this title card came out! The alphas fit so perfectly and it is awesome when that happens. The chunky alpha stickers for 'gyoen' came from last month's Studio Calico Cirque Project Life kit, and I'm hoping they release more because they are a great size.

Right // Another way I'm including memorabilia is by simply cutting them up to use as embellishments in my book. For example, I cut out the 'Tokyu Hands' logo from a brochure and stapled it to my journaling card, creating a sort of tab.

Right // I didn't own an instax back then so I printed these photos out with my instax share printer. The printer is really great for moments like these!

Thanks for taking a peek into my mini. I'll be back with Part II soon!


  1. Your travel minis are THE BEST.

  2. This album is amazing! I'm in the middle of putting my own Japan scrapbook together and my problem is, I have so many photos that I absolutely love, it's hard culling them all down!

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration! I just returned from Japan and I'm excited to begin scrapbooking my travels.