Friday, March 6, 2015

Tokyo Travel Mini // Part II

Today I'm sharing Part II of my Tokyo 2012 travel mini, which coincides with the second day of our trip. You can find Part I over here.

Left // I was excited to finally use the Bengt & Lotta x MT fish washi tape I had purchased in Japan. I thought it was so perfect for this spread about visiting Tsukiji and I added it to the top and bottom journaling cards to sort of 'frame' the page.

Left // The cups screenprint from Tina is one of my favorites. I'm saving my few pieces for very special occasions.

Right // I used three types of white alpha stickers to spell out my title and I think the different fonts give it an interesting look. I love the printed tickets from the museum and made sure to paperclip them onto a journaling card for one of the pockets here.

Right // I ended up using a full size 6x8 page protector for the memorabilia I brought home from the museum - a pamphlet, postcards we made at a stamping station, and a guide on the meanings of various symbols and patterns used on Japanese kimonos which I thought was really interesting.

Right // I created the collage of museum artifacts in Photoshop and had it printed out as a 4x6 photo.

Right // I was lacking in photos during the latter half of the day, so I ended up stapling a clothing tag (from a shirt I bought while shopping in Tokyo) on a journaling card and adding a puffy heart sticker on top. Then I summarized what we did on the journaling card beside it. Still telling parts of the story, despite the lack of photos!

I'll post the final part next week. Have a great weekend!