Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Travel Tuesday no.24 // Otaru

For today's Travel Tuesday post, I'm blogging about one last city in Japan - Otaru. We chose to visit this small city in Hokkaido as it was only a half hour train ride away from Sapporo, making it the perfect opportunity for a little day trip.

Otaru is known for its beautiful canal which is lined with historic warehouses and the area is very picturesque. We started our day off leisurely walking around here, enjoying the warm weather, and watching artists paint little scenes of the canal.

Much of our day was spent exploring the city center and walking along Sakaimachi Dori. The street is lined with a lot of cafes, restaurants, little shops, and glass workshops (Otaru is also known for glassmaking). There is something about this busy area and the historic buildings that I really loved. I enjoyed taking a peek into the local shops, buying a few souvenirs and trinkets to bring home.

Some shots of the interiors and the cute items in the stores...

We ate lunch at a sushi go round and one of the highlights of this daytrip for me was finding the rainbow tower of ice cream! Seven layers of absolute goodness. There were also some flagship confectionery stores in the area and we bought lots of yummy snacks as well.

We stumbled upon a Totoro store, and it made me so happy to see this incredibly creative wall display. I love how the leaves reflected the autumn season.

Our day soon came to an end and as night fell, we headed back to the train station to return to Sapporo. I'm really glad we decided to make the trip to see this city and I hope one day I get to return and visit more places in Hokkaido.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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