Thursday, August 6, 2015

Taiwan Travel Mini // Part II

I'm back with Part II of my Taiwan travel mini, which coincides with Day 2 of our trip! We spent this day exploring JiuFen (九份) and then heading back to Taipei for the evening, so there was a lot to document. Lots of spreads to share here today! If you missed Part I, you can find it over here.

I started off Day 2 with a spread detailing our morning and our route to go to JiuFen (we took the MRT and then a bus up the mountains). The photo of Taipei 101 out in the distance is one of my favorites from this trip, and it was a lucky shot I got out of the bus window!
I used one of my Recorded no.1 Cards to write about our morning and I added a stamp from a Christine Herrin x Kelly Purkey collab (find the digital version here). I have multiple copies of these cards printed out because they are so easy to use when I want to journal some details about a moment or an adventure.

And something I mentioned on Instagram, the MRT stations (and a lot of shops/places in Taipei) have rubber stamp stations! That was so cool. I ended up stamping these stamps on scraps of paper, then coming home, scanning the images, and reprinting them out on cardstock for my mini. They're such a unique sort of 'souvenir' for this trip.

Some more Kelly Purkey stamps in use, and since they're still available in her shop, I'll link them up here - the New Adventures set is perfect for travels, and I stamped the numbers (which was our bus number) using her Bedford alphabet set. The little tickets are Japanese stationery, as well as that thin strip of washi tape :)

On the left, I added a few more photos from our bus ride and then a filler card at the bottom. I don't normally use 4x6 spaces as fillers but I miscounted my photos and it ended up that way. C'est la vie.

I stamped the words 'Daytrip to JiuFen' using the alpha stamps from the Studio Calico Carousel add-on, and it fit perfectly! That made me happy. The copper heart is also from a past Studio Calico kit.

On the right side, I layered some die-cuts and washi tape on a Studio Calico journaling card for a filler slot, then wrote down some thoughts on JiuFen and why I was looking forward to going there.

JiuFen is an old mining town in the mountains of Taipei which became known as the filming location of A City of Sadness (悲情城市) as well as the inspiration for Hayao Miyazaki's 2001 animated film Spirited Away. Spirited Away was one of my favorite films as a child so this was the primary reason I wanted to visit the place. JiuFen is easily accessible from Taipei and aside from being a source of inspiration for that movie, it is also famous for its beautiful views of the sea, plethora of street food, various teahouses, distinctive red lanterns and cobblestone stairs. Lots of which you'll see featured in my spreads below :)

Sensory overload pretty much describes how I felt when walking along JiuFen Old Street. There were so many shops selling handicrafts, souvenirs, and lots and lots of food. It was really fun to wander and see what people were selling, as well as try out different kinds of snacks. I decided that these pages would be all photos, hoping that the busy-ness of this spread hopefully captures my experience here.  

I kept embellishing to a minimum. On this photo of fish balls, I added letter stickers, a chipboard circle and a word sticker (all embellishments from Studio Calico).

I used this spread to note down our experience walking through the narrow streets of JiuFen. Photos include a quick selfie while eating some famous taro balls, as well as a photo of a girl pouring tea at the oldest teahouse in JiuFen :) Stamps used are from a Christine Herrin x Kelly Purkey (CH x KP) collab (digital version available here).

The teahouse kindly gave us a little gift (a postcard), and it was enclosed in this envelope that had a map of JiuFen. So perfect for my album! The envelope was just a little bigger than 4x6 and easy to trim down for this 4x6 slot.

Once we got to the end of JiuFen Old Street, we had a beautiful view of the mountains and the sea. I knew I had to print that photo as a full size 6x8, and I love how it turned out. The 'explore' handlettering is from Paislee Press.

I used a journaling card from my Wander no.2 Card Set here, with some stamps from CH x KP (digitals here). I like how the blues and greens matched well with my photos. The chipboard heart and puffy gold star sticker are from Studio Calico.

We wandered down ShuQi Street to find the famous A Mei tea house.  Lots of photo-worthy moments here.

I added a tab from my Wander Elements no.2 set, a chipboard asterisk (SC) and a rub-on (Crate Paper) to my 6x8 photo for just a bit of embellishing as well as a place to jot down a note.

I wanted to use red patterned paper to match the red lanterns of the teahouse, and found this perfect one in my stash from Kesi-Art (I wish this French company's products were more easily them).

We took photos outside A Mei teahouse but decided to go elsewhere for an afternoon snack and tea. I had heard of SIIDCHA when researching online and wanted to check it out, and thankfully it was easy to find. Their branding was top notch and it was so nice to relax here, especially since it started pouring rain in the afternoon. We tried their tea and had some dessert! Yum.

How awesome is it that their tea is stored in test tubes? That is what's in the 4x6 photo you see there. On the right, I added a pamphlet from the teahouse using attachers made with a Studio Calico attacher die.

Another Recorded no.1 printable card.  It's so easy to journal on the dotted lines and choose the relevant info using a highlighter.

On the back side of the pamphlet, I secured a coaster from the place using a paper clip. You can also see I added their business card to this spread as well. I really did love their branding and packaging (more of which you can see here if you're interested) and it's the little details that definitely attract me to a place.

I thought this filler card was appropriate since I'm a big tea enthusiast :) The stamp is an old one by Kelly Purkey, the teal alphas are from Studio Calico, and the washi tape is one of my favorites from Japan.

More photos and an instax from A Mei tea house (which we passed on our way to the bus stop) and the streets of JiuFen. The quote card is one I designed and can be found in the my Wander no.2 Cards and the cups screenprint is from Tina.

Here's another Recorded no.1 card. I designed the cards to be black and white so that they would be versatile, but it is easy to embellish them with a strip of washi tape (this design is one I bought in Taiwan).

Back in Taipei, with a quick visit to a tiny but beautiful stationery shop! You can see I included another MRT stamp here. They are a fun way to highlight different parts of the city.

I added a little pamphlet I got from Din Tai Fung to my album using the attacher die, and I love how it has information about the restaurant and its famous xiao long bao. 

Flipping over the Din Tai Fung pamphlet, here's my right spread. Din Tai Fung is seriously the best and you definitely need to try it if you're ever in Taipei! I ate there for the first time back in 2008, and have since tried their other locations around the world...there are even a couple in the US you could go to. But it's nice to be back here again in its city of origin to enjoy their delicious food :)

This is another stamp from the MRT station and I shrank the image down so that it would fit my 2" circle punch. I added some graphic washi tape at the bottom for some subtle pops of color. 

And a bajillion spreads later, that's it for day two. If you stuck around til the end, thank you for bearing with me as I rambled about all these pages :) I'll share part three (which is much shorter, ha!) soon!


  1. So beautiful! Your photos and mini albums are so inspiring!

  2. Once again I must tell you how much I love your photography! You're probably the only person I follow who doesn't use their phone. How big is your camera? I'm going on a big trip in October and I'm wondering about how easy (or not) it will be to carry my DSLR with me. Do you do a lot of cropping before you put the pictures in your album? Your work is awesome!

    1. I shoot with a Nikon d80 dSLR camera. It is definitely bulky and sometimes I wish I had an easier/smaller camera to travel with, but I find that the photos I've taken are so worth the effort. It's a personal choice for sure if you're willing to carry your dSLR with you or not!
      And I do crop my photos in Photoshop to fit my page protector slots, whether they be 3x4 or 4x6 for the most part.

  3. Wow! I love your travel album. Thank you for the inspiration. I'm working on doing an album for a trip I took to the Pacific Northwest.


  4. Awesome layouts! Totally makes me want to go to Taiwan!

  5. It's been a few years since I've visited Taiwan and your lovely album makes me want to go back! I didn't see the MRT stamps when I was there so I'll have to keep an eye out for them the next time I go. They're so detailed!

  6. You are very good with these.. I love how you actually put in efforts in all the detailing and design.