Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Travel Tuesday no.27 // Lanai

While we were in Maui, we decided to book a one day sailing trip to the island of Lanai with Trilogy since it was an excursion we could do that included the kids. We departed from Lahaina Harbor early one sunny morning and it was a beautiful day to be out in the ocean. The waters were calm, there was a light breeze, and they served us some delicious food on board. I loved every moment of the relaxing journey. There's something so incredible about the endless span of blue that gets me every time I am on a boat.

Since our vacation happened back in March, it fell during the humpback whales' migration period, where they travel thousands of miles to the warm waters of Hawaii to mate and nurse their young. We spotted several whales during our sailing trip and I was in awe of how these beautiful creatures could be so huge yet graceful. It was definitely a highlight of this day for me. We even saw one breaching from far away and my camera zoom couldn't quite capture it, but here's a quick collage of some (very cropped) photos I managed to snap.
Some beautiful sea cliffs we passed on our way to Lanai! They were over one thousand feet above sea level and were formed through weathering and erosion, as the waters hit the rocks and carved out these incredible cliffs.

Once we got to the island, we joined their van tour around town. I had very limited knowledge of Hawaii, so I found the van tour informative and interesting. 98% of Lanai is currently owned by Larry Ellison and it got its nickname as the 'Pineapple Isle' due to the fact that it was formerly the largest producer and exporter of pineapples in the world, before pineapple production moved overseas due to cheaper labor. Our local tour guide drove us around their quaint town (there are no traffic lights on this small island!) and she often had funny anecdotes about the places and how they related to her family, who have lived here for generations.

I spotted these little pineapples growing near the Four Seasons hotel. Cute!
We headed to Hulopo'e Beach and Marine Preserve afterwards to hang out and enjoy some snacks. Some people opted to go snorkeling but the waves looked rough today so we didn't venture out. Instead, we chose to hang out by the shore and dip our feet in the cool water instead. I still remember how soft the sand felt beneath my feet - it was wonderful.

We still had a bit of free time left so we went to explore the tide pools. It was a fun experience looking for tiny fish and sea creatures in these shallow pools of water and this photo of my brother-in-law and my nephew is one of my favorites I snapped that day.

After an early barbecue dinner with everyone, we headed back to Lahaina on our catamaran. The waters were a little choppier and the wind was strong enough for us to put up our sail, so it was a breezy ride back. The crew served us drinks and ice cream (we were really well fed throughout the day, which was really nice) and I simply enjoyed the boat ride, more whale watching, and the beautiful ocean view. All in all, it was a great day.

One more Hawaii travelogue coming up...Oahu next! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Loved this post! We took the same trip with Trilogy in December 2013, it was so much fun. You can read my experience here: http://www.listgirl.com/2013/12/tues-1217-snorkeling-on-lanai.html

    1. Thanks for sharing, Christine! I love comparing our experiences :)