Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Life, lately // no.13

In a blink of an eye, summer is over. The temperatures have definitely cooled down, the sun sets earlier each day, and summer is fading away. I'm kinda sad summer is over. It's my favorite season of the year. Overall, this summer has been a pretty good one. Aside from my travels back in May/June, the rest of summer was spent at home - nice and low key. Here are some highlights and my favorite photos I've snapped here + there (you may have seen some of these on my instagram too)...

It's pretty fun to be a 'local tourist' and explore my own city. Being more aware and snapping photos of places and streets I pass by often makes me learn to appreciate the beauty of this place. 

Lots of time spent around the table this summer. I had fun trying out new eateries with friends, enjoying my go-to restaurants + cafes, and celebrating lots of birthdays (which means birthday dinners, of course). Food and conversation go hand in hand, and being around some of my favorite people while enjoying good food is something I truly love.

The Spanish call it 'sobremesa', which has no precise translation in English. However, to expand on it a bit, sobremesa means the time spent conversing and leisurely enjoying each other's company around the table, after a meal. I love the meaningfulness of this word and have definitely added it to my vocabulary.

One of the highlights of my summer was Stefan Sagmeister's The Happy Show! I first heard about this exhibit on happiness a few years ago, so I was excited to learn that it was in town for a couple of months. I really enjoyed the infographics, interactive installations, and insightful research presented in a quirky and beautiful way. Though the exhibit was small, we easily spent a good two hours here, absorbing everything and simply being happy :)
On the scrapbooking front, I worked on lots of travel minis this summer. I finished my Taiwan 2015 mini-book (find part I here) and Tokyo 2015 mini-book, and now I'm working on the biggest project I've ever undertaken - a 9x12 album documenting my two week trip to Europe in the spring of last year. 

So far, I have all my photos printed and sorted into my page protectors. I finished my title page yesterday, which is the photo below that I shared on my IG. I paired some instax photos (printed with my instax share printer) with patterned paper and the classic Oliver alpha stamps, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. This project will definitely be an ongoing one and it'll be my first attempt at doing 9x12, but I'm excited! I got this (I think!). 
And I'll leave you with the craziest sunset I saw this summer (right before we had the storm of the decade!). Hope you all had a good summer as well!

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