Friday, September 4, 2015

Taiwan Travel Mini // Part IV

I'm excited to share the final part of my Taiwan travel mini with you today! If you missed the previous parts, here is Part I, Part II, and Part III.

This was our last day in Taipei before flying home and since we were pretty tired after a month of traveling here and there, we decided to keep things relaxed and low-key. I had done some Googling and found out that Huashan 1914 Creative Park was near our hotel, so we headed there after checking out.

I like how bright and happy this spread is. I used cards from both the Pop Art Project Life kit and the Haring add-on, as well as some washi tape from my stash.
I stamped my title (the location) on this lemon journaling card from Haring with Kelly Purkey's Bedford alpha stamps. I really liked the bold contrast of this font with the yellow background.

Since it was the weekend, this place was buzzing with activity. There were lots of temporary exhibits, pop-up shops, and cafes in the area, and we enjoyed spending our time wandering and looking around. I printed out some of my favorite photos from here and this turned out to be one of my favorite spreads in my whole album.

Since I didn't bring my instax camera with me on my trip (I have the instax mini 50s but didn't want an extra camera to carry around), I printed out a few photos at home with my instax share printer. I love this little printer. I finally used my (hoarded) pack of polka dotted instax film too and this page just makes me happy. 

I wanted to do a little bit of layering on one of my journaling cards. This subtle airplane striped card is from my Wander no.1 printable cards and on top of it, I stapled a Kelly Purkey sticky note + a fuschia pink label. There was a lot of empty space in my photo beside this card, so I used a circle sticker from an old SC add-on (Lauren) right on the photo. 

One of the temporary exhibits happening at Huashan 1914 Creative Park was celebrating Miffy's 60th anniversary. I'm a kid at heart, so we went to check it out. 

Shoreditch is one of my favorite alpha stamps! I also used a couple more stamps from KP's Love List kit.

Most of these cards on this spread are patterned paper, though I embellished them with labels, stamps + printables. The 'awesome' tab here is from Wander Elements no.2.

So many Miffy photos! I decided to include the little pamphlet from the exhibition in my book using some attachers I made with my SC attacher die.

We decided to go to Taipei Main Station after finishing up at Huashan 1914 and I included another MRT stamp on one of my printable cards (from the Wander no.2 cards set).

I added a little ramen sticky note on this card. The sticky note is part of a set that I purchased in Japan. I find the sticky notes super cute and I've been using them a lot in my travel minis :)

It was already late afternoon and we were getting quite tired, so I didn't take a lot of photos by the end of the day. I printed out the few I did have and simply journaled about what we did and how we ended our trip on my Wander Prompt Cards. There is a lot of room for journaling on these cards so I just went to town. 

The last spread is a simple one. Just another instax photo printed with my instax share printer, and I wanted to include the 'the end' card from my Galileo 4x6 paper pad. It was the perfect way to end this mini album!
In the back of my album, I included an envelope that I sealed shut with washi tape. The washi tape is easy to peel so that the envelope can easily be opened. Inside, I included all the beautifully illustrated postcards I bought in Taiwan. I'm guilty of buying postcards during my travels with the intention of using them in my mini-books, but they often get misplaced or forgotten. I thought this envelope was the perfect solution to keep them all together. I can also easily rifle through the postcards to admire the designs when I want to.

My completed mini album is stuffed to the brim and is slightly overflowing, probably from all the memorabilia and papers I decided to keep and include in my book. I don't mind though, because it still closes properly and is a fun hodge podge of photos, memories and ephemera.
I love having these travel mini books to look back on. They are such a great reminder and keepsake of a wonderful trip. To more great travels in the future! 


  1. Hello Geralyn, I absolutely love your project life spreads. And I especially love the way you use digital fonts on your photos. Would you mind very much sharing which fonts you used on the project life spreads Taiwan and Tokyo? Thank you

    1. Hi Danielle! I used Brandon and Aleo on those spreads. Hope that helps!

    2. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I always love your mini albums and your PL spreads! Always such an inspiration!!!

  3. Oh Geralyn! You have done wonders once again!
    Your album is wonderful!!
    Thank You so much for taking the time to share everything with us.
    As a PLer myself, I know how long that takes!

    Greetings from Chicago~