Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Travel Tuesday no.29 // Rome

Italy has been on my wanderlist for a while now. I've dreamt of the Italian coastline and the incredible historic sites and monuments. Of the pizza and pasta and gelato. Of the gorgeous scenery and narrow, cobblestone streets. It's a place that I was very excited to have a chance to explore.

We spent five days in Italy back at the end of May. Our time was unexpectedly short (we had to alter our original itinerary due to some unforeseen circumstances) but I really enjoyed our days in this beautiful country. And now I have lots more Italian cities to go to and to cross off my list in the future.

Our trip started in Rome, and it seemed like a dream to be able to wander around in places that I've simply read about in books and history classes. We did a lot of walking and since this was my first time here, we hit up several tourist locations and historic sites like the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. We also made our way to the Trastevere neighborhood and had some delicious pasta and gelato. When in Rome, right? I had a hard time narrowing down my favorite snapshots from Rome since everything seemed so picturesque, but here they are.

I don't know what these flowers were called, but they were everywhere and I was obsessed with them and how they looked, entwined and overgrown on walls and buildings.
Possibly one of my favorite photos from the entire trip. I stood at this place for a while, in awe of the Roman Forum as I thought about how thousands of years of history happened at this very place.
It started pouring rain while we were walking around here, and thankfully, we were prepared with our umbrellas (and didn't have to fall victim to overpriced €10 ponchos that street vendors attempted to sell to tourists).
I remember thinking that this whole scene felt so ominous, with the storm clouds overhead and being surrounded by Roman ruins.
A quick break/shelter in a cafe. We were all happy to be enjoying some hot chocolate and coffee while we waited for the rain to die down.

I have a couple more Italy posts to blog as I continue this new mini-series for my Travel Tuesday posts. Stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beatiful my city.....thanks your blog is very good

  3. What camera are these pictures taken with? Beautiful!

    1. These were primarily taken with my Nikon d80.

  4. Love these photos! What a beautiful city and one I hope to visit someday too! Thanks for sharing them!