Friday, October 16, 2015

Tokyo 2015 Travel Mini // Part III

Happy Friday everyone! I haven't forgotten about this Tokyo travel mini that I've talked about previously on the blog. I wanted to share the next part of it with you today. You can find the previous parts here: Part I and Part II.

I kept the pamphlet from our visit to the Meiji Shrine, and I added it to my mini here by simply using SC's attacher die.

Onto one of my highlights of the trip...venturing out to a more residential area of Tokyo in search of the famous Totoro creampuffs. I used a Simple Stories page protector on the right which has two 4" square slots and four 2" slots to mix things up. At the bakery, there was a cute little pamphlet explaining their creampuffs so I used a paperclip to attach that to the top pocket.

More photos, just because. I was very picture happy here :) The 'but first, coffee' stamp is one of my favorites from Christine Herrin!

Since I didn't bring my instax camera with me on this trip, I printed this instax photo after with my Instax Share printer. The tiny phrase beside it is a stamp from a past kit by Kelly Purkey.

On the left side, I simply cut down the packaging of the warabi mochi we bought for one of the pockets. Seriously, I keep all sorts of memorabilia in case it works perfectly for my album, like it did here!

My brother was a big fan of Gundam when we were younger, so it was really cool to see the lifesize Gundam statue in Odaiba. Though I wasn't into it when we were kids, even I was impressed by the statue. We appreciated all the effort they put in making it look exactly like the Gundam robots in the anime.

I used one of my Recorded no.1 cards for my journaling and a little circle from Wander Elements no.1 as an embellishment on my photo.

On the right side, I used half a page protector since I didn't have quite enough room for everything I wanted to include. I simply added a little tab so that it would be easy to flip.

The yellow card is from my Home Sweet Home cards and the 'you are here' circle is from Wander Elements no.1. I love mixing and matching my printables. Even though they're kind of themed, they are versatile enough to be used on a variety of projects.

I included a full size photo of a night scene in Tokyo here on the left. On the right, the blue watercolor dot card is a freebie from Tina. I love her designs so much!

Another ramen sticky note in use here. (I love them, I really do.) I stamped 'ramen' with the alpha stamps from an old SC add-on - Carousel. It's one of my favorite smaller alphas!

I have one final part to share, and then this mini is done and in the books. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi! May I know roughly how many photos did you print to fit it that album? I have this 100+ photos to document from my last trip in Paris, and i plan to use the 6x8 album. I hope you get to read this. Thank you! 😘

    1. Hi! I used 105 photos in total in this album, not including the instax pictures I printed. Hope that helps!