Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Travel Tuesday no.32 // Pompeii

Our last adventure in Italy brought us to Pompeii, an ancient Roman town near Naples. We hopped on the local Circumvesuviana train to arrive at the site of the ruins, where we spent much of the day wandering around and exploring the area. (A proud moment I had here was helping a fellow tourist at the train station by translating her French into English (she only spoke French), to ask a station attendant her question about the train schedule :)).

Pompeii was once a bustling Roman city until it was destroyed and buried in ash due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. I remember learning about the history of this place back in 8th grade, so to be able to come here - to a place full of such fascinating history - was something I was really looking forward to. It's pretty crazy to think that underneath the layers of ash and dust, much of the (now) abandoned city remained in tact hundreds of years later.

We rented audio guides and attempted to navigate ourselves around this huge site. We saw remnants of homes, the ruins of the main city square, baths and more. Here are some of my favorite photos from this day.

My last photo is kind of random but at a fruit stand outside the ruins, I saw gigantic lemons that deserved a photo, hehe. This concludes my Italy travelogue! Be back soon with more adventures. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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