Friday, February 26, 2016

2016 Project Life // January

This year, I'm sticking with 12x12 for my Project Life album. It's a format that I've used the past couple of years and while I was tempted by the different options everyone's trying (6x12 and 9x12 mainly), ultimately, I knew that 12x12 would best suit my needs. I could fit the entire year in one album and I would have enough pockets for my stories and everyday photos.

I normally work on my spreads once or twice a month. Throughout the month I print photos and when I find the time, I start putting the spreads together with my scrapbook supplies. I don't really follow a set format such as making a two-page spread each week but rather, I've given myself the freedom to fill pockets when I want to and when the stories arise. Usually, this means I end up with two to three double-sided pocket page protectors each month, depending on how busy or eventful the month is.

I've definitely embraced simplicity in my Project Life album. I really want to focus on the words and photos this year, with some simple embellishing here and there. I'm mainly using Studio Calico kits and my printables, with stamps from various sources and supplies in my stash. Here are my spreads from January:

In a Creative Bubble products: Hello 2016 cards, Daily Life cards, Currently cards

In a Creative Bubble products: Rise & Shine cards, Recorded cards no.3, Daily Life digital stamps

In a Creative Bubble products: Recorded cards on.3, New York City cards no.2

In a Creative Bubble products: Recorded Cards no.3, XOXO cards

In a Creative Bubble products: XOXO cards. XOXO digital stamps, You Got This cards

In a Creative Bubble products: Recorded cards no.2, Portland cards, Together cards

And that wraps up January in my album. What size are you using for Project Life this year? Are you trying something new or sticking with a tried and true format? I'd love to hear your progress in the comments!


  1. Amazing! Great photos and great memories. I love your style too.

  2. You are always so inspiring Geralyn! Love it.

  3. Very nice! I love your cards and design. Interesting that all your people photos are posed with all subjects looking straight at the camera.

  4. Love your pages! I am sticking with the 12 x 12 size as well, with design A page protectors primarily. I have interspersed some different page protectors, and modified some protectors, including trimming off the last 3 inches of a design A page and using my fuse tool to make one of those 9 x 12 protectors that seem to be so popular now. I am finding that the variety is keeping me motivated and the process fun.