Friday, March 18, 2016

2016 Project Life // February

Keeping things simple in my Project Life album this year is definitely the key to staying caught up! I ended up making four single sided 12x12 spreads for February. Here are my spreads documenting last month:

In a Creative Bubble products: Good Vibes cards (good vibes card, geometric blue card), Around Here cards (striped card), Magic cards no.1 (amazing experience card), Magic cards no.2 (little memories card), Local Wanderer cards (around town card), Good Vibes digital stamps

Quick tip: pay attention to lines and white space in your photos. I decided to angle my 'FAVE' digital stamp (from the Good Vibes set) to follow the tilt/angle of the album in my photograph. This makes it look more interesting instead of just 'stamping' it (digitally) straight in the top-left corner.

I really wanted to use this geometric circle card (from the Good Vibes cards) and I added a Pink Paislee puffy ampersand sticker in the middle to keep it simple and not overwhelmingly busy. I also used another digital stamp from the Good Vibes set on the white space in the coffee cup photo.

In a Creative Bubble products: Good Vibes cards (awesome card), XOXO cards (pink card), Magic cards no.2 (heart card), Local Wanderer cards (local fave card), Recorded cards no.3 (home card), Good Vibes digital stamps

I love the contrast of white with a darker background. I adhered this February rubber piece (from Studio Calico's Savannah scrapbook kit) on one of my XOXO journaling cards. I also used the Good Vibes digital stamp right on my sunset photo before printing it out.

In a Creative Bubble products: Spring cards (pink card), Around Here cards (around here card), Color Swatch cards (yellow card), Downtime cards (movie night card), Reading Log cards, Good Vibes digital stamps

I actually used the design of one of my Reading Log cards as a digital stamp on this photo of some books. I just selected the text of the card using the Magic Wand tool, copy + pasted it onto my photo, and inverted the color, changing it from black to white (Image > Adjustments > Invert).

The 'HOORAY' is another digital stamp from the Good Vibes brush set. I added a bit of text on my photo before printing it as well. Then I used my date stamp + Versafine ink and a little star sticker to finish it - hybrid scrapbooking ftw.

In a Creative Bubble products: Around Here cards (striped card), Spring cards (floral card), Recorded cards no.3 (good stuff card), Spring digital stamps

I added a couple of Spring digital stamps on my cherry blossom photo to document the early blooms this year. I thought leap year was pretty cool and even though I didn't do anything special, I still wanted to record it. I added a little sticker + date stamp right on top of one of my favorite filler cards (from the Spring cards set) and called it done!

Happy weekend everyone!

PS. Just a quick reminder that the products in the Last Chance section of the shoppe will be gone on April 3rd. Also, the mid-month In a Creative Bubble shoppe update is coming on Monday! Can't wait to show you what I've been working on :)


  1. I love your layouts always & I can't wait to see what you've been working on!!!

  2. I noticed that sometimes your pictures have white borders and sometimes no borders. Is there any reason why you choose one over the other or a layout? Love your work!

    1. All my photos for Project Life have white borders :) Not sure which page/photos you're referring to?

  3. I am SO loving all your In A Creative Bubble design cards! Which Becky Higgins page protector are you using that has the 2 6x4 and 8 3x4 pockets? Awesome work!

    1. Thank you! It's actually a Becky Higgins Design A page protector that I've altered with my Fuse tool...I turned two of the 4x6 pockets into more 3x4 ones to suit my needs :) Hopefully she'll come out with ah 2 4x6 + 8 3x4 configuration in the future!