Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Travel Tuesday no.37 // Washington D.C.

Springtime in Washington, D.C. is truly something special. We booked this trip months in advance and were incredibly lucky to be in the city during the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms (without even trying to sync our visit with the blossoming period!). Row and rows of pink trees at the Tidal Basin - a magical moment for sure and definitely a highlight of our trip.

Aside from the cherry blossoms, our short time in DC was spent hanging out with family as well as sightseeing - a good combination and mix of both things. I haven't been back here in fifteen years and I never got to explore DC properly as a child, so this trip was really special. I felt like I was seeing the city and its sights from a fresh perspective, especially now that I'm an adult.

Today I'm sharing a little photo diary of our trip, including some of my favorite moments and places we visited. If you're interested, you can also see how I documented this adventure in my Project Life over here.

The first thing we did in DC was check out the cherry blossom situation at the Tidal Basin. So, so pretty although this side of the basin didn't have as many cherry blossoms as the other side. Across is a view of the Jefferson Memorial.

Looking down // Looking up. Always remember to find new perspectives when you're taking photos :)

Obligatory White House photo.

One of the places on my list was the Renwick Gallery (part of the SAAM), because they had a temporary exhibit happening called Wonder. Inside the gallery were beautiful and unique large-scale art installations, all using unexpected everyday materials and evoking the theme of wonder. It was so inspiring.

DC has more museums than we had time! We visited the National Museum of American History on our first day and briefly popped in the National Portrait Gallery in the evening. Love how the light flooded into the atrium and wish we had more time to see everything!

We headed downtown for dinner at Momofuku CCDC. I have to admit, I enjoy the Milk Bar a lot more than the restaurant. This was one priiiicy bowl of ramen.

We spent another day at the National Mall with all the other thousands of tourists out there, ha! It was cool seeing the different memorials and monuments around this area.

We ended up at the Tidal Basin again and it was pure magic. Even though we have a lot of cherry blossoms at home, there was something so beautiful about the pathway around the Tidal Basin with the rows of cherry blossom trees on one side and the water on the other. I loved walking around here and it was definitely an experience that took my breath away.

We also visited the Library of Congress and it wins for the prettiest building ever. I loved exploring the place, seeing the Thomas Jefferson library and basically taking photos non-stop.

The National Postal museum was recommended to me by my friend Christine, and it's a wonderful hidden gem in DC. The museum is small and relatively quiet compared to the other museums in DC, and it's easy to pop in for an hour or so if you're near Union Station. The exhibits were very well put together and I enjoyed learning about the history of and stories behind postage stamps. It definitely gave me a better appreciation for these little pieces of paper! Plus, lots of free paper (+ stamps!)  - perfect for scrapbooking ;)

Postal boxes from around the world! Very cool to compare the different shapes and designs since it's something I'd normally overlook if I were in a different country.

An afternoon in Georgetown was well spent. I really wish we had more time to wander around the area because the architecture of the buildings here were gorgeous. Perhaps next time!

One last Smithsonian museum visit - the Udvar Hazy Center in Virgina was a lot of fun to wander around in. If you're a fan of aviation, this is the place for you. I never imagined there would be so many different designs, shapes and sizes of planes! Lots of cool history as well.

I'll leave you with this last photo of my favorite plane which, at one point, was the world's smallest. Hope it inspires you to travel and take more adventures! 

Happy Tuesday! xo.


  1. Wow! You guys hit a lot of museums-impressive! We lived in the DC area for eight years and it's one of my favorite cities in the world.

    1. Wish we had more time to hit more them them - they are pretty incredible :)

  2. You seriously take the best pictures!