Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Faves // 03

Oh, Instagram. Despite the fact that they took away the chronological feed (yup - still bitter about the not-so-new Instalgorithm), it remains my favorite social media platform that I use daily (find me at @gjoysy and @inacreativebubble). It's the community and the visual aspect of it that I love - I've even met some friends through Instagram. Today, I'm sharing a couple of my favorite instagrammers that I follow. Their work is incredibly inspiring and it's always a treat to see their pictures pop up in my feed.

01. @jennetliaw // Jennet Liaw is a graphic designer at Nike HQ and one of my all-time favorite letterers. Not only is her style beautiful and distinctive, but I'm always amazed at how clever and creative her work is!

02. @juliamanchik // I've admired Julia Manchik, a graphic designer and photographer, for years now. She and her husband have gone on lots of incredible adventures around the world and her travel photography definitely fuels my wanderlust.

03. @mimochai // Mimi Chao is an LA-based visual artist whose whimsical drawings always make me smile. From sketches to works-in-progress to colorful illustrations, her feed is full of photos that are sure to spark happiness and wonder.

04. @ronnycakes // I started following Sharon because of her beautiful Traveler's notebook layouts and illustrations. Her sketches are so realistic and I would love to flip through her notebooks to take in all the details. Love all the stationery photos in her feed too ;)

Who are your favorite instagrammers you follow? Let me know in the comments below. Happy weekend! xo.

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