Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Travel Tuesday no.38 // New York City (Part I)

I've been to NYC twice now and each trip has made me fall just a bit more in love with the city. This time around, we had about six days which were easily spent sightseeing, exploring neighborhoods, eating delicious food and shopping. There is so much to do in the concrete jungle and I was excited for all the new adventures and experiences I got to share with some of my favorite people. #letsdothis.

Normally, I try to keep the photos in these Travel Tuesday posts somewhere between the range of 20-30, but I had way too many favorites from this trip. So I'm splitting it up into two posts; I'll be sharing more NYC photos next week! If you're interested, you can also see how I documented this trip in my Project Life here.

The MET is a great place to spend a rainy day. We trekked there on our first morning and admired the art and artifacts for a couple of hours. By the time we left, the rain had stopped and the sun came out - the perfect weather to do some more exploring in the city.

We literally squeezed ourselves in the tiny UWS location of Levain, ha. The place was incredibly busy and for good reason - their cookies are out of this world. I still think about them!

Amaaaazing pizza from Juliana's in Brooklyn, which was right next door to Grimaldi's. This was definitely one of my favorite meals of the trip.

Last time I had walked the Brooklyn Bridge, I went from Manhattan to Brooklyn. This time around, we crossed the bridge back to Manhattan after our lunch at Juliana's. It was such a warm and sunny day and the views on the bridge were picture perfect.

The Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center had the prettiest displays <3

We used Yelp a lot to help us find good food in the area. That's how we ended up at Cookshop, a restaurant near the High Line that's known for having a greenmarket concept and for using sustainable ingredients. Loved their casual space - lots of natural light and greenery decorating the place.

While in Chelsea, we stumbled upon a really cool shop called Story. According to their site, they are a "retail concept that takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery, and sells things like a store." Every couple of weeks, they completely switch up their space to focus on different trends or themes. When we were there, the concept was the 'f-word', and different sections of the store had products relating to topics such as feminism, forward thinking, female entrepeneurs, family, and fact + fiction. So, so fun and unique.

My family loved Chelsea Market! We got there early in the day so it wasn't too busy, making it easy to browse and wander and explore.

So much love for this incredible independent bookstore. There were rows and rows of books, personal touches like handwritten reviews, and a fun selection of Strand-branded merchandise. I could have spent hours here if it were possible. 

That's all for now, but I have more photos to share next week. Have you been to New York City? Any favorite moments in the concrete jungle?

Happy Tuesday! xo.


  1. Love NYC and my brother lives near Chelsea. I always love to people watch in Time Square and get some treats at Dylan's. And I could spend hours in Grand Central Station. :)

    1. Dylan's is awesome! The architecture of Grand Central Station is one of my favorites :)

  2. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your photography. It's truly stunning. What camera do you use? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much! I use both a Nikon D80 and a Sony RX100 MII.