Thursday, December 21, 2017

December Daily 2017 // Part V

This past weekend was very busy, but I managed to work on my December Daily album a little bit. I'm nowhere near up to date but I'm still enjoying the process. I've been taking photos and keeping notes as usual so I'll remember what moments and events I want to put in my album later on.

DECEMBER 9 // Canyon Lights
This was my second visit to the Canyon Lights event this season (you can see how I documented it the first time over here). When I went about choosing my photos, I decided to focus on different details and various parts of the park that I didn't document last time. I really like how that turned out. My day ended up being multiple pages, with a 3x8 insert and an envelope in between my double page spread.
(click to enlarge)

I've had these little gold alpha stickers in my stash for the longest time, and I'm glad I finally used them on my 3x8 photo of tree light bokeh at the park. They are super cute!

Here's how the spread looks with the 3x8 photo flipped over.
(click to enlarge)

I used a 3x8 journaling card on the back of the 3x8 insert, but instead of writing down notes in the boxes on the original card, I printed out a strip of three photographs. On the photos, I wrote short captions and added gold star sequins to each of them.

I put my journaling inside the kraft envelope. This green 'happy note' is stationery from my stash.

Here's the other side of the spread when the envelope is flipped over.
(click to enlarge)

Decided to do something different and instead of simply gluing this stamped tag/card on my envelope, I handstitched it on the top. I'm really happy with how that turned out and I'm loving all these layers and little details in my album.
I found this large wood veneer tree in my stash (possibly from Gossamer Blue?) and I used dye ink to make it green. The green of this wood veneer matches the stamped phrase on the tag I sewed onto my envelope.

DECEMBER 10 // Christmas Concert
This spread documents the concert we had at church. I thought the 'silent night' card was perfect for this spread; I believe it's from Ali Edwards' 2015 December Daily kit. The gold and white striped bag on the right holds the evening's program.
(click to enlarge)

I decided to make the 'silent night' card flip up to hold additional journaling and information. Inside, I added QR codes with videos from the performance and some notes on my 'peace on earth' card (from the Make Merry no.3 set). If you're interested in adding QR codes/videos to your projects, Nicole Reaves has a great QR code tutorial on her blog.


DECEMBER 11 // Holiday baking
I was planning on using one of my Homemade journaling cards but forgot to print it out before I began working on my album. So I ended up looking through my stash and I found this great red plaid pattern from one of the past December Daily kits that coordinated well with my photo. Super simple spread but overall, a nice inclusion as part of my December stories and memories.
(click to enlarge)

I wanted to add a bit of embellishing to the back of the envelope on the left hand side so I used a circle tag (from Make Merry elements no.1) and a rubber banner, a simple reminder to not let the stress and busyness of the holiday season get to me.

The alpha stickers on the plaid card are from Ali Edwards. Love the contrast between the white alphas and the dark red pattern.

I've completed up to December 13 in my book, so I have a few more pages to photograph and share. Hope your album is coming along as well. Thank you for looking! xo.