Monday, October 29, 2018

Remember December

December is soon drawing near, and in an attempt to start getting prepped for the holiday season, I spent some time this weekend organizing my supplies and looking through my past December Daily albums. This year will be my 9th year participating in this month-long project, and while my albums have transitioned from daily documentation to mini-books focusing on holiday moments, they're still some of my favorite projects to make.

I thought it would be fun to share snippets of my old albums and some of my favorite pages throughout the years. It's interesting to see how my style has changed and I'm really glad that I have these special memories recorded in a tangible format!

December 2010

2010 was my first year participating in December Daily and this was the only year I chose to do a binder ring format. It was a chunky little 4x6 mini-book and I did a lot of layering, embellishing, and decorating on both the pages and my photos. (You can see some of the inside pages in this old post). I wish I had used page protectors of some sort because a few of my photos got a bit scratched up from the embellishments on the opposite pages, but I'm thankful that I got a lot of little stories documented that year. Life was so different back then, ha!

December 2011

This year was one where I managed to do December 1-25. I went with a 6x8 format and treated each page as a miniature layout, similar to the Seoul travel album I had made that same year. Here are a few pages:

I love including a 'snapshot of life' in my album. This simple 'currently' list is one that constantly changes, so it is really nice to look back on what I was doing/watching/eating etc. I also love that transparency beside it and the glimpse of the pages behind it. I've always been a big fan of circles, so it was super fun to fill those in with mini embellishments.

I need to find my white embossing powder again, because I love how the snowflake stamps turned out on this page. I also really enjoy including envelopes in my album for a more interactive sort of element.

One of my favorite pages in this album is a double page spread documenting a fun night out to watch The Nutcracker.

December 2012

In 2012, I spent half of December in the Philippines so I wanted to work with a smaller, simpler format because I knew I would be traveling. I chose to use the Ali Edwards/Studio Calico 4x6 album and it was interesting to change things up and try a different size.

Title pages are one of my favorite things to do and it helps me get into the holiday mindset!

I think the page protectors that came with this album were all 4x6, so I customised some of them by hand sewing the plastic (the days before the Fuse tool). I added wood veneer and sequins to this page and sealed it, creating some fun confetti :)

December 2013

2013 was the year I started using pocket page protectors, and while I did more embellishing/layering within my pockets back then, this 6x8 album as a whole seems closer to my current style.

This was one of my favorite spreads because I loved including that 6x8 photo! Printing out full size photos is definitely something I plan on doing again this year.

December 2014

I really fell in love with using 6x8 pocket page albums, and this was my second time doing this format for December Daily. Some of my all-time favorite spreads are in this 2014 book.

I always start my album off with an introductory spread (listing out my thoughts and feelings about this season) and this is one of my favorite ones I've done. I printed out the Christmas tree bokeh photo with my Fujifilm instax printer and I really love how that turned out. I think I want to include more instax photos in my album this year, especially since I've got a bunch of film that is expiring soon.

This was the first year I purchased a tea advent calendar, and I thought of the perfect way to document it by using the page protector that has twelve 2" slots. I took a photo a day of each tea and labeled it. By Christmastime, I had filled both sides of this page protector with little photos of what was included in the tea advent calendar!

The 2" page protector design is an easy solution for when you have too many photos you want to print. I love this page I made of my niece and nephew! Starbucks also makes its way into my albums each year.

December 2015

The 6x8 pocket page album has become my go-to format for December documenting! Once again, I used Ali Edwards' December Daily kit + album along with a mix of things from my stash.

For my intro spread for this year, I had the back side of the 2" page protector to fill up. I decided to stamp one letter for each slot using Studio Calico's Oliver alpha stamp, spelling out "Happy Holiday". I think I want to do this again this year, and the phrase 'tis the season' would fit perfectly in those boxes.

This page on the left is one of my favorites. I photographed our new ornaments that year on a piece of white board, and I labeled each one at the bottom. Love how simple and clean it looks.

I also enjoyed including bits and pieces from actual holiday catalogues and packaging. The divider page on the right side was a page I cut out from an Anthropologie catalogue.

This page on the right was from Nordstrom's holiday bag. Since it was such a large piece of 'ephemera' and I wanted to include the entire design, I took a picture of it and printed it out as a 6x8 page.

December 2016

Another year, another 6x8 holiday album. I've definitely found my style and what I enjoy doing...pocket pages with lots of bright colors and fun embellishments :)

I started including more odd sized page protectors in my album and I love how it adds different layers to my mini book. Still a big fan of transparencies (I believe this one came in a past Ali Edwards DD kit).

This is another example of including odd sized page protectors in my album. I cut off one of the columns on the 2" page protector on the left and I used a 3x8 page protector on the right.

I combined a 3x8 page protector on the left (using one of my 3x8 holiday cards) with a vertical 4x6 photo on the right. Layers are the best.

December 2017

When deciding what I wanted to do for 2017's album, I decided to go with a 6x8 format again but wanted to include more layers and different sized elements outside of page protectors. I really like this mini book but it's actually one that's not yet complete. I'm hoping to get it done by November.

This is one of my favorite title pages that I've done. I designed a snowflake background and cut it out with my Silhouette Cameo. The label and rubber banner were from an old Ali Edwards December Daily kit and the alphas were from Studio Calico.

I love this spread in my album because it is so interesting to compare photos from different years and see how my niece and nephew have grown. I used a 3x8 journaling card on the right so that I could include more photos, photo booth style :)

I'm a big, big fan of 3x8s and this spread documents one of my favorite local places. Winter wonderland indeed.

I also really liked playing with tags in this 2017 album. I made my own kraft colored tag here and hand stitched some snowflakes down the center.

This is another large tag design I made and cut out with my Silhouette Cameo. Super love the peek through element with the different layers - the tag + Ali Edwards transparency + full size photo.

One last tag example in this album! I stapled these large transparency numbers to a red tag...I believe they were from an old Studio Calico kit. I love mixing up my numbers and using different things - wood veneer, alpha stickers, transparencies like this, a simple date stamp, etc.

While this album is still a work in progress, it's definitely getting full.

As for 2018, I definitely plan on participating in December Daily again. I considered switching to a 3x8 format since I really love the size, but I saw how full my past albums were, so I've chosen to use a 6x8 album again. I bought Ali Edwards' red album this year (still waiting for it to arrive!) and along with my usual mix of older products and past December Daily kits in my stash, I'll be using the Feed Your Craft Festive + Fun kit I designed, my new holiday printables/digitals, and bits and pieces of Crate Paper's Merry Days collection. I'm really looking forward to documenting another December in my life!

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me. You can see more of my past December Daily posts here. Will you be participating in December Daily this year? What format have you chosen to use? I'd love to hear your plans in the comments below. Happy Monday! xo.


  1. So fun to see your past albums! I do have some past pages of yours pinned in my pinterest, since your albums are so inspiring! Glad you're doing it again and looking forward to seeing your spreads!

  2. I've always loved what you put together for December Daily - and any other time of the year, really! Beautiful products...I'll probably have to go over budget and snag a few (budget -- HAHAHAH! DD blows it every year!). Abby

  3. Would love to see a video walk-through of all of your December Daily albums if you ever have the time! Love your products, the journal cards are amazing.

  4. I always really enjoy your DD albums! I am so inspired to include some 3x8 & smaller pages into my album this year; I love the variety it adds!

  5. Love your albums, bought your kit from Feed your Craft. Inspired by your tea pages as I have bought my daughter a tea advent calendar for this year and taking pictures of the tea will be a brilliant addition to my album this year. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the walk down memory lane! I'd love to actually participate this year but I'm not sure I can with a newborn 😊

  7. Thank you for this post. Loved it. I will be using 6x8. 3x8 is much too small.

  8. Love your albums. Thanks for the walk through. Lots of inspiration!

  9. Thanks for showing your past albums - they're awesome! This year, I'm breaking with tradition (6x8 album) and going with two 3x8's from Ali Edwards. I know one won't be enough but if I go hybrid with mostly flat elements, I should be able to fit everything in two albums. I have Falala downloaded and ready to go!