Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Travel Tuesday no.26 // Maui

Travel Tuesday is back! I realized the other day that the most recent one I did was months ago, of my last trip in 2014 (Seattle), and I haven't shared any photos of my adventures this year yet. So I'm starting this series up again with a family trip I took to Hawaii back in March. If it seems like Hawaii overload on the blog at the moment, don't worry - I plan on sharing the first part of my Taiwan travel mini later this week so stay tuned for that.

This was my very first time going to Hawaii! We started our trip off in Maui and spent about four days here, just chilling and exploring the island. I haven't gone on a beach vacation in a while so it was a nice change of pace to take the days slow and keep things low-key. We also practiced a lot of patience since it is very different traveling with a three year old and a nine month old. There were a lot of activities and long drives we didn't do, choosing instead to stick to areas close to our resort and to enjoy the sunshine and the waters.
Napili Bay was one of my favorite places and we spent our first afternoon hanging out here at the beach. The water was absolutely pristine and it felt so nice to take a dip since the sun was shining directly overhead at one point, making the sand feel incredibly hot. We also ate at the Sea House restaurant by the beach which had really friendly service and great food.
We visited Lahaina twice, our first time being after our sailing trip to Lanai (I'll leave that one for a separate post). There were a lot of beautiful art galleries there, as well as local shops and various restaurants. The famous banyan tree was a fun place to take photos at! My nephew loved running around under the giant tree.
I had to try out Ululani's shave ice after hearing rave reviews. It was so delicious I had it twice during our stay in Maui :) I have to say it was my favorite shave ice that we ate - even compared to the ones we tried in Oahu.

One of our afternoons was spent at Maui Ocean Center, which was fairly small but had some pretty nice exhibits. We mainly went for the kids but it was a great experience for all of us. I loved seeing the baby sea turtles and the sharks.

We went to Lahaina a second time in the late afternoon on our way back to our resort and had dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise, which had a beautiful views of the ocean and pretty decent burgers. Yum. 
On our last day before going to the airport, we took a detour to Iao Valley. It was so scenic and the ever shifting fog made the area seem somewhat ethereal as we wandered and took in the beautiful views. We also stopped by the Kepaniwai Park Heritage Gardens where we learned a bit about Hawaii's various immigrants. My parents were particularly interested in the Dr. Sun Yat Sen area which had quite detailed information on his life in Hawaii. I thought that was pretty cool because my knowledge of Chinese history is very limited and I had no idea he even lived here. I'm glad we made a stop here before heading to catch our plane to Honolulu!

I have a few more Hawaii travel posts to write up, and then some more recent trips to share. Even though this trip happened months ago, I love looking back at these photos and reminiscing about our adventures. That's one of my favorite things about photography and memory keeping. Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Project Life: Documenting Maui

The other day, I shared two Project Life spreads I made to summarize my Hawaii trip in my PL album and today, I'm talking a little bit about how my Maui spread came together. Project Life has become my primary method of memory keeping these days, and I love putting together these spreads to record snippets of my life. Though I save my travels for separate mini-books of their own, I always include some summary spreads in my Project Life too, so as not to have any time-period gaps in my album and to remember when a trip happened in the context of a given year. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share my process of putting together a spread that summarizes our days in Maui! Here we go.

I always start with choosing my photos, keeping the design A page protector in mind (it's my go-to page protector for my Project Life spreads). We took tons of photos during the trip, but I just picked a couple of my favorites since this is simply an overview of the time we spent in Maui. I printed these at home using an Epson workforce printer. Here, I also used a few of my Hawaii digital stamps on my 4x6 beach photo before printing it out.

Once I had my photos printed and cut out, I laid them out on a design A page protector to get a feel for how the spread was starting to look.

My next step was choosing journaling cards to go with my photos. This part was pretty simple since I used my new Hawaii printable cards and Wander printable cards and the colors already coordinated with each other. I laid a couple of the cards out and rearranged a few of the photos so that the spread would be more balanced. I also picked one of my instax photos I took during the trip and adhered it to a journaling card with washi tape for the top right pocket.

I like to keep my Project Life spreads relatively flat, so little tabs and die-cuts are the perfect way to embellish to my spreads a little. I had printed and cut out my Wander Elements no.2 printables and chose some of the tabs to add to my photos and journaling cards. I used my favorite Muji pen to write some quick notes.

I wanted to add some stamping to my Project Life spread as well. I pulled out some Kelly Purkey stamps and stamped on my journaling card and directly on my photo (I print my photos on Epson Premium Glossy photo paper and have no problems stamping directly on it with Versafine onyx black ink).

My last step is always journaling. I jotted down some highlights about Maui on the 'aloha state' printable card and then called this done!

Here's a look at my spread again. My process is quite straightforward; to sum it up: (1) print photos, (2) choose journaling cards, (3) stamp & embellish, and (4) add journaling. Thanks for coming by :)
Supplies - Page Protector: Becky Higgins Design A; Printables - Hawaii Journaling Cards no.1, Hawaii Journaling Cards no.2, Wander Journaling Cards no.1, Wander Elements no.2; Digital Stamps - Hawaii Digital Stamps; Stamps - Kelly Purkey; Ink - Versafine; Washi Tape - MT; Pen - Muji

Monday, July 20, 2015

Project Life: Hawaii

Documenting my travels is one of my favorite memory keeping topics, and today I have a Project Life spread to share with you about my trip to Hawaii earlier this year. I ended up using two full size 12x12s and am planning to make one more 12x12 spread later to summarize the Oahu leg of our trip.

Here is how the two 12x12 page protectors look side by side.

We stumbled upon the Hawaii Theatre Center while wandering around downtown Honolulu, and I had to get this shot before we left. It was the perfect photo to blow up for a full 12x12.

I added a little tab from my Wander Elements no.2 set so I could jot down the dates and a quick summary of this trip.

The right side of my spread is a summary of our four days in Maui. It was fun to pick a variety of photos to highlight some of our favorite things in Hawaii, and I used quite a few of my new Hawaii printables to help tell the stories.

I decided to use some digital stamps right on this photo of Napili Bay before printing it out, and the sentiments capture our feelings perfectly. It was probably my favorite beach we visited - I'm dreaming of the soft sand and beautiful blue waters right now.

Of course, I had to include a pineapple card in my printables. The 'Aloha' is my handlettering that I digitized for the Hawaii collection. Keeping things pretty simple in general is the name of the game in my Project Life album this year. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my Project Life! I'll be sharing my process of putting together the Maui side of this spread later this week. Happy Monday!