Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Travel Tuesday no.32 // Pompeii

Our last adventure in Italy brought us to Pompeii, an ancient Roman town near Naples. We hopped on the local Circumvesuviana train to arrive at the site of the ruins, where we spent much of the day wandering around and exploring the area. (A proud moment I had here was helping a fellow tourist at the train station by translating her French into English (she only spoke French), to ask a station attendant her question about the train schedule :)).

Pompeii was once a bustling Roman city until it was destroyed and buried in ash due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. I remember learning about the history of this place back in 8th grade, so to be able to come here - to a place full of such fascinating history - was something I was really looking forward to. It's pretty crazy to think that underneath the layers of ash and dust, much of the (now) abandoned city remained in tact hundreds of years later.

We rented audio guides and attempted to navigate ourselves around this huge site. We saw remnants of homes, the ruins of the main city square, baths and more. Here are some of my favorite photos from this day.

My last photo is kind of random but at a fruit stand outside the ruins, I saw gigantic lemons that deserved a photo, hehe. This concludes my Italy travelogue! Be back soon with more adventures. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shoppe Update | Wonderland Collection

Hey everyone! As the days get colder and the sun sets earlier, I've got winter on my mind. Today, I am introducing Wonderland to my shoppe, a cheerful, wintry collection filled with bright colors, fun graphics, and cute illustrations.

Since this collection encompasses quite a few printables and digital stamps, there is a bundle in the shoppe with a little discount + extra cards for those who would like to purchase the whole set. Here is a look at what's included:

Wonderland Journaling Cards no.1
Lots of bold type on these cards. The card with the little houses is my personal favorite!

Wonderland Journaling Cards no.2
Winter may be dark and gloomy, but documenting it doesn't have to be! I added some bright colors to this set and created a fun checklist card with lots of winter activities, whether they be indoors or outside.

Wonderland Filler Cards
This set is my absolute favorite! I've been practicing my illustrating and I really enjoyed coming up with winter designs for these cards. I'm excited to use them in my Project Life and December Daily :)

Wonderland Elements no.1
Circles and squares and tags galore! I already snuck in a few of these in my DD 2014 as I work on catching up with that, so I've reprinted them to use in my mini album this year as well.

Wonderland Digital Stamp Brushes no.1
If you've got a snow day in your town, I've got you covered with these digital stamp brushes! I love using them on my photos; they add the perfect little touch.

Wonderland Digital Stamp Brushes no.2
You know me...I can't stop with just one set of digital stamps. More winter phrases and fun type for this set.

This wraps up my shoppe updates for this month! Hopefully the holiday release and this new winter collection have got you covered for all your crafty needs, and you find something you'd love to use in your projects. I can't wait to see what you make with them!

As always, I'd love it if you tag @inacreativebubble / #inacreativebubble on Instagram so I can see what you're making. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! It's your continued support that inspires me to continue designing products that I hope you enjoy :) Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life, lately // no.14

This is my life, lately:

Reading The Rosie Project and Crazy Rich Asians. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them and didn't realize until recently that there are sequels, so I plan on checking those out as well.

Watching The Good Wife, NCIS Los Angeles, and Blue Bloods. I started watching random reruns of these shows a while back and kinda just skipped to the current seasons. I may go back and marathon the old episodes another day...

Enjoying tea all day, every day. It's been so cold and gloomy outside (so not pleased at the sun setting so early now!) that I find comfort in drinking tea every day. My favorites are Kusmi BB Detox and Santa's Secret by David's Tea.

Designing new digitals for my shoppe! I'm working a bit ahead and I've already got some designs planned for January. I do have a shoppe update coming tomorrow though...a little winter collection called Wonderland :) (You can check out my IG for sneaks!)

Making minis. I've got lots of in-progress projects. I didn't get to finish my December Daily 2014 this past weekend like I had hoped to, so I'm still working on that. I'm also making some slow progress on my Europe 2014 album (9x12...so not quite a mini) and a 6x8 Japan travel album from my trip last year.

Excited for new classes at Studio Calico! Marcy's got a mini-book class coming up and you all know how I love a good mini. I'm also contributing to the 25 Days class, where I'll be sharing five pages of my December Daily there. Can't wait!

Loving the happy mail I got from Tina the other day. I bought some things from her shop and I am seriously in love with her designs. This girl has so much talent...I'm a big fan.

Looking forward to December Daily again this year. I've got my supplies gathered but am hoping to find a chunk of time next week to figure out what I want to do for the title and intro pages.

Have a good Wednesday!