Monday, January 11, 2021

A little update

Happy new year, everyone! I know we're all wishing and hoping for a better year than the last. (Can we just count last week as part of 2020?) It's been a rough transition into the new year for me personally, and I'm definitely hoping the days ahead are brighter. I figured it was time for a little update so here we go:

In a Creative Bubble // Shop News

Thank you for your patience as I worked on some shop maintenance behind-the-scenes at In a Creative Bubble! The site is now live again and those of you waiting to make orders can head to the site.

I am so grateful that the creative community's continued, enthusiastic support has allowed this little digital store to flourish over the years. Seeing my designs being put to use on your memory keeping projects always puts a smile on my face and I'm thankful that you've found these products helpful for documenting your stories.

With growth does come some changes, and in 2021, I will be charging GST/HST on Canadian orders. I was hoping to be able to implement this while doing the site maintenance, but it appears that Big Cartel (my e-commerce platform) has a very simplified set up/website back end and is not the best platform for setting up these rates. As a result, I've temporarily disabled/suspended Canadian orders as I work on exploring options and possible solutions for charging GST/HST on Canadian orders. To my Canadian customers, I apologize for the inconvenience and I appreciate your continued patience as I figure out a solution!

As for an update on UK/Brexit VAT, Big Cartel has gotten back to me with the following: "We don't have specific details to share on how Big Cartel will be handling this at this time - our legal team is looking into whether OMP (online marketplace provider) status applies to us based on the guidelines set forth. We will keep you posted as we get updates on this." Unfortunately, this means that I will have to continue the policy of no longer allowing orders to UK addresses. I'm sorry and wish I had better news to share.

In a Creative Bubble // Elsewhere

It's been awhile since I've updated you on the recent collaborations I've had the pleasure of working on. As much as I love the convenience of digital products, it is always so awesome to have tangible products to use too, especially since I'm a hybrid scrapbooker (combining my love of digital + physical supplies!). I'm delighted to share these projects:

Pinkfresh Studio recently shared their latest scrapbook collection releases and I had the wonderful opportunity to work on Keeping it Real with fellow designers Inna Moreva and Kaitlin Sheaffer. This new scrapbook collection is a mix of beautiful florals and bold, modern designs, designed to help you tell your imperfect, everyday stories. According to Pinkfresh Studio, the estimated ship date to retailers for this collection is mid-February.

Studio Calico's January kits are now live and I got to design some of the kit components in the January documenter kit and traveler's notebook kit. I love how bright and fresh these kits are and you can find some of my designs in the cards, chipboard pieces, and both kits' stamp sets. I'm also designing the 2021 3x4 monthly stamp series for Studio Calico, and they have a handy designer filter here where you can shop all the IACB for SC stamp sets.

Feed Your Craft's next shop update is coming this Friday on January 15th at 10AM EST and I designed the latest kit called Happy at Home. It's perfect for this season of hibernation as many of us are spending lots of time at home right now. I'm still waiting for my kit to arrive (those darn shipping delays!) but I'm excited to see all the sneaks of the creative team working their magic with the kit and add-ons :)

Memory Keeping Plans 2021

The 2020 pandemic year wasn't good for me creatively as many of my creative projects took a back seat; I lost a lot of motivation to create as I grappled with anxiety, loss, grief, and other personal circumstances. Thankfully, working on my December Daily album last month was a good way to jumpstart that creativity again and I really enjoyed putting together my album. I also purchased an Epson PM-400 photo printer to hopefully help me scrapbook more regularly! Photo printing is one of my biggest setbacks and normally, I would batch print photos at my local Costco. Unfortunately, local Costcos closed down their photo centres last summer and while I can still send my pictures to print online, shipping would take 10-15 business days (according to their site). So far, I'm loving the print quality of this little Epson PM-400 printer and I think it's going to be really convenient to print pictures on demand.

There are no ground-breaking plans for my memory keeping this year, but I hope to get back on track and find more time to create. I want to continue with Project Life and along with all the missing gaps/old spreads I want to make for both my 2017 and 2020 albums, I'm thinking of going with a 9x12 format for 2021 (haven't made any final decisions yet!). I also have lots of travel mini-books I still want to tackle, and I'm crossing my fingers I will find time and stay motivated to work on them as it seems like a lot of this year will still be spent at home.

If you've made it this far, thank you. I hope you are well and safe and this year brings hope and joy in the days ahead. xo.


  1. Thanks for the update - I'm really hoping there's a solution for UK customers soon. (Don't blame me for the UK leaving the EU! :( )

  2. Love this update, thanks for sharing! I can commiserate on the lack of motivation during 2020...first time in six years I didn't consistently scrapbook, Project Life style. I also found DD to be incredibly inspiring (thanks in part to some of your great journaling cards & templates!!) and hope to roll that motivation into 2021. I'm going 6x12 this year.....hopefully less pockets will be easier to maintain. Wishing you a great new year!

  3. Hi there! So glad to see your shop active again.

  4. always enjoy your posts and all the products you offer. Much continued success Geralyn!

  5. Happy to see you back online Geralyn! Your designs are some of my favorites, and I am mighty glad that Germany will not be leaving the EU! ;) looking forward to what 2021 brings, I am also hoping for a renewed creativity this year.

  6. Thanks for sharing with us, its tough to stay motivated and inspired. Good to see you working on it, I have always loved your designs. Can I ask if the picture of the girl at the desk is in one of your collections? its so cute and its perfect, i've been working from home since last March.

    1. Hi! The girl at the desk is one of the cards + die-cut pieces that will be available in the Feed Your Craft "Happy at Home" kit. It's going to be released this Friday! :)

    2. Thank you, hope I can pick it up then. kind regards, Louise

  7. Thank you for an update. I've had great motivation using your products in 2020 and I'm looking forward to using them in 2021 also :)

  8. I really enjoy your designs and i'm so sad to see your collaboration with Feed Your Craft will not be open outside US and Canada. Your "Creativ Space stamps" and 'happy at Home kit" are awwesome. I need The Girl at the desk and I think I'm not the only one

  9. Wishing you all the best for 2021, Geralyn <3

  10. Hi Geralyn! Hope things are going well for you and your family. I was just wondering if you'll be releasing any new sets in your shop this year??
    Take care.

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