Monday, September 10, 2012

Shoppe Update

I took a break from designing for a little while, and then inspiration came back full force near the end of August. It felt great to be creating and designing again, and today I have five new journaling card sets that are ready to go in my shoppe. As always, I did a test print at home which I photographed and am sharing here below.

Everyday Journaling Cards no.4
Pretty straightforward - another edition of the days of the week cards along with a few others. I hope you find them simple and versatile!

Random no.1 Journaling Cards
When I started making this set, I couldn't decide on an overall theme so I just decided to design whatever came to mind and put together a random set, hence 'Random no.1'. The 'Best Day Ever' card is my personal favorite!

Random no.2 Journaling Cards
I couldn't stop with just one set of Random cards ;) I was going for bright and a little whimsical with these cards and I hope you like them.

Take Note Journaling Cards
Originally, I had a school or office theme in mind when I started out this set, but I think it went in its own direction once I finished. I'm still pleased with how the cards turned out though...a little bit quirky with some bold colors.

Autumn Journaling Cards
I was really excited to design an autumn themed journaling card set because I knew I wanted to use traditional autumn colors and elements, and I'm quite satisfied with how the cards turned out! I'll definitely put these to use in my own PL.

I hope there is something for everyone. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your support!


  1. Your journaling cards look great, I love all the colors.

  2. They are all perfectly adorable!

  3. I really love your journalling cards, I haven't started PL yet, but am looking at starting next January. What do you suggest printing these beauties on to get the best results?

    1. That's awesome! I print mine on Epson Premium Presentation paper (matte) and have been very satisfied with the quality.

  4. The Fall ones were just what I was hoping for!!! I love the sets and wish I could get all of them!

  5. Your cards are lovely:-) I can't decide which one to take! Greetings from Jacqueline