Monday, February 4, 2013

Shoppe Update & News

Hi everyone! I've got five new digital journaling card sets in my shoppe. You can check them out in the 'NEW products' category :)

I always wanted to talk a little bit about each set...

Instalove Journaling Cards
This is my favorite set this time around! I have had this idea to make an instagram-themed set in my head for so long now and I'm glad I finally worked on it and finished it. I know many of us rely heavily on our cell phone cameras to document life, and are also instagram addicts ;) These cards are perfect for documenting your instamoments! The polaroid frame card can either be used for journaling or can fit a 2.5" square photo.

Real Life Journaling Cards
I've had customers/blog readers request 'real life' journaling cards, and I thought it was a great idea. Life isn't perfect and we keep PL 'real' by documenting both the good and bad, right? I went for a subtler color scheme and some prompts that are good for documenting the not-so-great days & moments in life.

Love no.2 Journaling Cards
I know I previously released a love card set, but I couldn't resist making another one. Valentine's Day is coming up so this theme has been on my mind a lot. I hope you find this set of cards versatile though so you can use them for regular documenting too - not just Valentine's Day!

Phrases Journaling Cards
I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to the banners I designed for my Everyday no.5 card set, so they are making a reappearance in this set :) I chose phrases and prompts that are pretty common but are perfect for documenting everyday moments.

Neutral no.1 Journaling Cards
I've decided that I'll be making some neutral colored card sets so that they can work with whatever color schemes your PL spreads are. Plus, it'll satiate my love of grey ;) The plan is to make this an ongoing theme so hopefully you like these cards!

Enjoy them!

Also, a PSA: I need to begin making room for new/future products, so that means I am retiring some sets. The products that will be going away are in the 'LAST CHANCE TO BUY' section...these will be gone on February 28, 2013 so buy them now if you want them! Every once in a while I'll be retiring a few sets, but I'll give a heads up when I do and I will make it clear on when they will be gone.

Also, the download links sent to your email don't last please download the products and save them to your hard drives :) Thank you so much for your support!

PS. Like the new blog header? I've been wanting to update it for a while now! Still using my favorite aqua color though :)


  1. looks gorgeous!!! need them all lol

  2. These are GORGEOUS geralyn. Pinned every single one. You are amazing. xoxo

  3. I love them! Great designs and colors.

  4. I love these new ones, and the first two especially will be on my to buy list along with a few of the others I have gotten from you.
    Also, exciting news about the store--will definitely be checking out the last chance store--thanks for letting me know. :)

  5. Lovely designs. No sure which I like best.