Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shoppe Update: The Adventure Collection

Today, I'm introducing my newest printable release that is very near and dear to my heart - the Adventure collection!  I am a big fan of travel themed products and had so much fun designing some of my own. In fact, I had so much fun working on them that I couldn't just stop with a set of printable journaling cards; this collection has several sets of cards, circle tags, and new labels and tags :) They'd be perfect for travel mini-books but can also be incorporated in Project Life and scrapbook layouts.

You can check them out in the 'New Products' section of my shoppe, or stick around for a few product photos and ramblings about each set.

This set includes one of my favorite travel quotes and some fun cards :) I decided to shy away from airplane icons for this set because I know people may travel via other modes of transportation. Hence, I've included a card where you can check off your method of travel and write some notes!

There are a few airplane icons on this set, but they are not overwhelming (I hope!). I loved working with bright colors for this collection and you can see that all throughout the different sets. The Wonder card is one of my personal favorites from this one because it's so colorful. Also, for those of you that have inquired about my 'let's be adventurers' stamp that I designed for myself, you'll find that design on one of the cards in this set :)

This set was inspired by the idea of scrapbooking on the road and journaling on-the-go. I think it would be easy to print these out before a trip and use them as simple prompt cards to jot down notes while traveling. You could later slide the cards in your Project Life albums or put together a mini-book. Of course, you can use them after a trip too, but those were my thoughts behind designing this set.

Circles are pretty much my favorite shape, no lie. I love using circles on projects, whether they be small or big! For this set, I decided to include both 1" and 2" circles which can be punched out with standard circle punches (individual .pngs are included if you prefer loading them in your Silhouette Studio and creating a print&cut). They are sized to be a tad larger than 1" and 2" so that the bleed will allow you to get a perfect punch each time.

This new set of tags and labels make me very happy! There's a variety of phrases, designs and colors, all packaged in this set. I can't wait to use these in my own travel projects. The label strips are 3" long so you can simply layer them on a blank journaling card if you want to use them in your Project Life. 

Those are the new sets :) I hope you love them as much as I do. Also, if you are interested in buying all of them, I've set up a bundle that you can purchase. The bundle includes all the new Adventure sets and it comes with two bonus 2.9x4" cards - a journaling card and a filler card.

Thank you for stopping by!

One last note - I've moved some more products that will be retiring to the Last Chance section of the shoppe. Please download the products to your computer (via the download links sent to your email following your purchase) because they are not permanently hosted on my server...once I start clearing products they will be removed. If you've yet to download some sets that are already retired and the download links sent to you no longer work, you'll need to email me by replying that download link email. Thank you!


  1. I'm so excited these are here!! Love them all and cannot wait to start using them! Thank you!!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. You are simply so talented. Thank you for working on these! I love them.

  3. This is perfect! We recently spent 5 months traveling around the world so I am excited to give the project life treatment to those photos, and your cards will be the perfect addition! They are exactly the style and sentiment that I was looking for!

    PS- just started reading your blog and I love it!

  4. Out of this world, Geralyn!!!! :) Happy Wednesday!

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous, Geralyn! I am so back and forth about doing PL, and it's products like yours that make me want to jump off the edge! :)

  6. Yea!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much!
    Just bought the bundle....AMAZING!
    I'm sooooo excited to use these for our Summer trip.

  7. love this new set Geralyn, might have to get it all ;)

  8. Love these, especially because they have great graphics and a white base.

  9. Just a quick question--are the files on your card sets individual files so that I can have them printed out of house? or just a pdf sheet? Love them all!

    1. Hi Sara! Card sets include both the pdf sheets and individual jpgs of the cards. Hope that helps :)