Friday, December 6, 2013


Sunrises & sunsets are always included on my list of my favorite things. I adore them. I love seeing the skies change color and shift into brilliant shades and hues. It is in these brief moments that I am often reminded of how beautiful the world truly is :)

It was a random morning a few weeks ago when this particular moment happened. I'm not normally an early riser but I noticed a faint pink glow coming from outside my window, which made me open my blinds to check it out. Seeing this sunrise, right from my window, literally took my breath away. This scene lasted about ten minutes before the skies cleared into a normal sunny day. The sunrise totally made my morning!

I was looking through my photos for Project Life when I remembered this incident, and I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to try a full size 12x12 photo for a PL spread. Instead of getting one large 12x12 photo printed at Costco (I don't have a wide-format printer), I opted to crop the photo into six 4x6" photos in Photoshop, so that I could simply print the photos at home. The middle photos got trimmed in half to fit the 4x3" slots.
I wanted to keep the embellishments minimal so that they wouldn't detract from the photograph. I opted to use some washi tape, a few star sequins (large ones from SC, small ones from my stash), and a letterpressed circle I made using the letterpress platform & my BigShot. The 'this was rad' was stamped with a roller stamp (Amy Tangerine or Dear Lizzy, I think?).
Having this full size photograph in my PL makes me so happy :) It was the perfect moment - one that I definitely want to remember for several reasons. Most importantly though, it was one that reminded me to be thankful and be in awe of the beautiful, everyday things around me.

Happy Friday! xo.


  1. This is an awesome picture! I love how you "sliced" it up and minimally embellished to let the photo shine. Fabulous :-)

  2. This is an awesome picture! I love how you "sliced" it up and minimally embellished to let the photo shine. Fabulous :-)

  3. I don't do PL (yet?), but I love seeing creative uses of pocket pages like this! Makes me really want to try mixing it up in my own album. Awesome shot.

  4. Wow, this is gorgeous!
    What camera do you use? The colors are just so mesmerizing and I love how simple, yet stunning the layout looks! :)

    -L :)

    1. Sorry, just seeing this now! I shoot with my Nikon d80.