Monday, August 18, 2014

New Classes at Studio Calico!

Lots of new Studio Calico classes this month! I always look forward to what inspiration/education Studio Calico has up their sleeve, and this month is no exception. I can't wait for these classes to begin.

First up, there's 30 Days of Me with Maggie Holmes. Here's the description: By enrolling in “30 Days of Me” Maggie Holmes will guide you through this month long course where you will learn more ways to incorporate yourself into your memory keeping by completing an entire album, focused on you. This class will remind you that not only is it important to collect those moments with the ones you love, but to also show yourself in your projects.

I haven't made a book about myself in a while, and I'm thinking of doing a small mini-book using a 4x4 instagram album! Keeping it small, manageable & cute. I'm sure Maggie will have lots of awesome ideas on what I can include.

Next, there are two classes that go hand in hand with each other - Snapshot, taught by April Foster, and Pen & Paper, taught by Laura Kurz. Snapshot is a photo-a-day class where April will share prompts, tips and tricks for documenting everyday life. Pen & Paper is all about journaling, as Laura guides you to make the most of your memories as you find the words to document them. The classes can be purchased individually, or there is a special bundle here where you can enroll in both and save over 10%! 

Don't they sound pretty great? I know I'll learn lots from these classes, and that they will definitely help me to better document my stories and memories. Hope to see you in the classrooms!

PS. One more promo I forgot to mention - risk free is back at SC! You can subscribe to any kit & cancel at any time with no cancellation fee. Here's more info:
You can learn more about this month's Sandlot kits here. Enjoy!

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