Friday, November 6, 2015

Shoppe Update | Holiday Release

It's time for the holidays here at In a Creative Bubble and I've got a big update happening in my shoppe today! Christmastime is truly my favorite time of the year and I love everything about this season, especially documenting it in my PL and a December mini-album. I have a weakness for holiday supplies and went a bit overboard with all the new designs I came up with (so hard to stop - I adore Christmas), but I hope you love them as much as I do. These new holiday printables reflect the happy, cheery moments of Christmastime and they feature my signature bright colors and bold, graphic designs.

Introducing the new In a Creative Bubble Good Cheer collection! I set up a bundle in my shoppe with a discount and some bonus cards if you wish to purchase the whole collection, but here's a look at all that is new this month. Let's start with what's part of the Good Cheer collection:

Good Cheer Journaling Cards no.1
I chose to stick with classic colors for this first set, with some fun, bold type on these cards.

Good Cheer Journaling Cards no.2
This set is a bit more graphic and whimsical, and I kinda love the 4x6 checklist card with lots of holiday activities listed on it.

Good Cheer Journaling Cards no.3
Another set that sticks to a classic color red and green color scheme. I really love cards where you can fill in the date/location/notes so you'll notice a bunch of these interspersed in the journaling card sets.

Good Cheer Filler Cards no.1
I love designing filler cards for the holidays! This set features some of my handlettering as well as simple, graphic illustrations.

Good Cheer Filler Cards no.2 
This second set also features a few more illustrations from me. The bear card is my personal favorite :)

Good Cheer Elements no.1
This set has a mix of colorful circle and square tags. I'm planning to use them to fill the 2" pockets of my pocket page protectors when I work on my December Daily!

Good Cheer Elements no.2 
I really enjoy having these cut-apart tabs and labels to use in my mini-albums. I think they're the perfect embellishment to adhere on the corner of a photo or card. In this set, you'll find lots of graphic elements and cute designs.

Good Cheer Digital Stamp Brushes no.1
Stamp brushes, my favorite! They are so easy to use on photographs and they can add the perfect touch to decorating a photo, with no ink nor mess. You can even bring the pngs to the Silhouette software, trace them, and turn them into cut files.

Good Cheer Digital Stamp Brushes no.2 
Of course I couldn't have only one stamp brush set this month ;) This second set has more graphic and simple+clean designs that you can use on your photos and projects.

Good Cheer 6x8 Layered Templates
I know not everyone may use layered templates, so this is the only product that's part of the Good Cheer collection but not included in the bundle. Personally, I get quite picture-happy during the holiday season and I wanted to design some simple photo collages where multiple photos can be used in a 6x8 page. These layered templates also feature some of my handlettering.

December 2015 Numbered Cards
This set includes cards from Dec 1-31 and they are perfect for jotting down daily notes about your December moments.

Recorded Journaling Cards - Christmas Edition
My Recorded series features some of my favorite cards I've designed, so I decided to create a holiday version as well! These cards are perfect for documenting holiday memories and the black & white color scheme make them easy to coordinate with your photos and spreads.

Twelve new products this time around...I hope you find something that you love! I've already printed out a bunch of these and organized them into my stash of December Daily supplies. Some of them are even appearing in my 2014 December mini as I attempt to finish off last year's book (almost there!).

Just a note, along with these new products I've also re-released two popular holiday products from last year - the 4x6 layered templates and holiday cut files. Lots and lots of holiday goodies :)

Thanks for your continued support and if you use In a Creative Bubble products in your work, I'd love to see! Shoot me a link or tag @inacreativebubble / #inacreativebubble on Instagram. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Wow Geralyn! This new Holiday collection is my new favorite one so far. I know I say that every year about your new Holiday collections but, in my opinion, this one really is the best. I'll definitely "have" to buy the bundle again this year... ;-) And probably your new templates too. They are just so nice and versatile. I'm always debating when comes the time to choose which photos will make it to my DD album and which won't... It's gonna be easier to include more of them with these templates. :-)

    By the way, thanks a lot for including a few french cards (Noël) in the collection. Would you consider to make maybe just one whole Holiday set in french?

    Marie, from Québec

    1. Thanks so much Marie! :) It's not in the works for this year but creating a French holiday set is definitely something I can consider for next year! What phrases are you thinking would be suitable? Unfortunately I've forgotten most of my French so aside from Joyeux Noel and Noel, I'm at a loss.

  2. Amazing Christmas collection! I can't wait to use them. =)

  3. This set is simply beautiful. I used your products in my December Daily last year and loved how it turned out, and I am excited to see these this year. I think I like this set even more. Will definitely be purchasing!

  4. What an amazing, monster of a collection! I LOVE, love, LOVE your bold, graphic style (with just a touch of whimsy)!

    1. Thank you so much and I'm glad you enjoy my style :) It means a lot to me!

  5. I just discovered your collection on Pinterest and it's simply amazing! I hadn't yet purchased a December memories kit or digital template set, and I'm so glad because now I know what I want.

    1. Thanks for your kind words! Please share if you use it in your December mini!

  6. Oh my goodness, these are amazing! I need it all!
    I can't wait to purchase these and start using them.

    1. Thank you Vera! Cannot wait to see you use them! :)