Friday, February 19, 2016

Shoppe Update

Hooray, another shoppe update this month! This time, I have a couple of new travel-themed products for you - five products, in fact. I'm so excited about these designs and themes ('local explorations' and NYC), and I hope you love them too. Find what's new in the shoppe over here.

Just a quick reminder, all the products that are currently in the Last Chance section of my shoppe will be removed on February 29, 2016. Gotta make room for the new releases!

New York City Journaling Cards No.1
NYC - the city that never sleeps. It's a place that's bursting with energy, with sky-high buildings, incredible sights and adventure on every street. I felt so energized and inspired here in the city back in 2013 (my first time exploring New York!), and I'm looking forward to visiting again soon. I designed these cards to be fun and vibrant, with playful touches like that rainbow polaroid card (my fave!) and illustrated Statue of Liberty.

New York City Journaling Cards no.2
I had so many ideas for designing these NYC cards that I had to break them up into two sets. This one features more of my illustrations, and I experimented with a more whimsical, comic style when drawing icons unique to NYC. I still wanted to keep the cards graphic and clean though, simply to stay true to my style.

New York City Digital Stamp Brushes
As with all my other travel products, I designed a set of digital stamps to coordinate with the NYC cards. Lots of fun phrases and playful stamps to use here!

Local Wanderer Journaling Cards
'Local wandering' is a theme that I'm personally really passionate about. While I do love travel, exciting adventures don't have to be in far away places and you can definitely explore and be inspired by your own city. That's what these cards are for - local explorations, visiting new and old favorites around town, and simply celebrating the city you live in! Make opportunities to explore your city (perhaps a new museum that opened up, a restaurant you've been wanting to try, or even just a special field trip to some local shops), and easily document your adventures with these cards.

Local Wanderer Digital Stamp Brushes
Of course I made coordinating digital stamps to fit this theme of local explorations! Featuring some fun phrases and simple designs, I hope you find these stamp brushes fun and useful for your photos and projects. I've already begun using them on mine :)

This wraps up my shoppe updates for February. Thanks for checking them out and have a great weekend!

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  1. Love, love, love this update! I'm planning a girls trip to NYC this spring and these will be perfect!