Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shoppe Update

Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence on the blog these past few weeks. I recently got back from a trip to New York + Washington DC and as fun as that trip was, it threw off my schedule (even the three hour time difference made me a bit jetlagged!). I had grand plans to set up a couple of blog posts but unfortunately, that never happened. Those posts will have to come later. For today though, I've got April's shoppe update up at the In a Creative Bubble shoppe! There are five new printable card sets and two digital stamps here, and as always you can check them out in the shoppe or stick around for my ramblings about the new designs.

Today Journaling Cards
"Today" - probably the most frequently used word that can be found in my Project Life. I decided to design these cards around the theme of 'today' and the stories of right here + now. The color scheme is playful and fun but not too bright that it becomes overwhelming!

Hooray Journaling Cards
This next set of cards focuses on celebrating the happy moments in life. I've been playing around with new patterns and had fun making the multi-colored droplet card! I love designing new things as it constantly pushes me to experiment with techniques and explore my creativity; it's an ongoing learning process and one that's very rewarding :)

Weekend Journaling Cards
I love weekends! I designed a card set revolving around weekends for Studio Calico in the past, but thought I'd make a new version for my shoppe as well :) I included lots of simple + clean black&white designs but also mixed in some colorful cards as well. The egg card is my favorite - brunch is the best.

On the Road Journaling Cards
Did anyone go on a road trip during spring break? Then these cards are perfect for documenting your trip :) I love how road trips are the perfect opportunity to get away for a short while, whether it be for a day or the weekend. I've never done a longer road trip along the coast or across the country, but maybe someday!

On the Road Digital Stamp Brushes
I decided to design a set of digital stamps to coordinate with the On the Road cards. You can use these to decorate your travel photos before printing them - my favorite way to use digital stamps :)

Washington DC Journaling Cards
Inspired by my recent trip to DC, I designed a set of travel cards to use in my own Project Life and decided to add them to the shoppe. I hope they make their way to your own albums and projects as well!

Washington DC Digital Stamp Brushes
And of course, some coordinating stamp brushes to go with the DC cards. I plan on using these when I work on my Project Life spread documenting my trip!

As always, thanks for your support in my small store :) I love seeing you guys use my products in your own projects and be sure to continue tagging me @inacreativebubble/#inacreativebubble on Instagram. Have a great day!


  1. Geralyn these are so cute! Great job!

  2. LOVE the morning cards so much

  3. My daughter heads to DC on Wednesday for her 8th grade class trip! I may have to pick up the DC cards and stamps for the pages I plan on doing.