Friday, February 24, 2017

Shoppe Update

With February being a short month, I always find that it passes by super quickly. I can hardly believe that March is just a couple of days away. I wanted to squeeze in one more update at In a Creative Bubble before the month ends, and today I am releasing nine new sets of journaling cards and digital stamps! As always, you can find them all in the New section in the store, but I'll be sharing some thoughts about them here as well. Also, just a reminder that everything in the Last Chance category is being retired at the end of February. So you only have a few more days to check those products out before I remove them - gotta make room for new things :)

Anyway, here is what's new this month:

Good Eats Journaling Cards
Food trips and meals around the table always play a prominent role in my Project Life albums, so I thought it would be fun to design a new set of food themed cards. My personal favourite is the tiny fruit patterned card! I really enjoyed illustrating that one; it would make a cute filler card or you can add a label/tag to jot down some journaling.

Good Eats Digital Stamps

Let's Chill Journaling Cards
I've been wanting to design some simple cards to document relaxing at home or hanging out with friends, and I'm finally crossing that idea off my list. I often reach for these kinds of cards in my stash, so I hope you'll enjoy using them as well!

Let's Chill Digital Stamps

Perfectly Imperfect Journaling Cards
Real life isn't perfect. It is full of highs and lows, both the good and bad, special memories and ordinary days - all together, these aspects and moments play a part in forming your unique story. I hope you find these cards useful for recording just that - the details of your own perfectly imperfect life.

Forecast Journaling Cards
I believe this is the first time I designed weather-centric cards, and it might be a theme I revisit in the future because I still have a bunch of ideas and it was so much fun making these ones! Lots of experimenting with illustrations for this set, as you can see with the bright and happy sun as well as the raining cats and dogs :) I'm quite happy with how they turned out!

Forecast Digital Stamps

Rome Journaling Cards
I have a new city-themed set to add to my store today - Rome! I had the pleasure of visiting Rome back in 2015, and it is such an incredible city filled with so much history. We wandered the streets, visited famous sights, and ate pizza and pasta every single day, lol. This set of cards was inspired by my memories of my travels here (here's the photo that inspired the bold floral pattern!), and I hope you like the bright colors and whimsical but clean designs. I also included some cards that are not super Rome/Italy-specific and I plan on using those in my regular Project Life spreads :)

Rome Digital Stamps

That's all from me this month - thanks for taking a look! Hope you have a lovely weekend! xo.

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