Friday, January 8, 2016

Shoppe Update

Happy new year everyone! I've got some new products in my shoppe to start off this year, and I'm excited to share them with you today. You can see them all here, or stick around for some ramblings about the new designs.

Highlights Journaling Cards
This set is nearly identical to my Highlights of 2015 journaling cards, but I've removed the 2015 date stamp on the cards so that you can use them to document any year. This wasn't something I was originally planning to do, but due to popular demand, it seemed like many of you hoped to use them to document this year. Thanks for all your emails and I appreciate any ideas and requests you send my way as they show me what your interests are!

Daily Life Journaling Cards
This set is my favorite from the ones I'm releasing today. Lots of simple, versatile designs for you to document everyday life in your pocket pages. I've already reprinted a bunch of these cards for my own Project Life!

Daily Life Digital Stamp Brushes
Coordinating Daily Life stamps, as always. I love how these turned out :)

Currently Journaling Cards
One of my favorite things to document in my Project Life is the here & now. With these cards, you can easily jot down notes on what you're currently into or life right now.

Currently Digital Stamps

Make Journaling Cards
This set was so much fun to design! Lots of bright colors and fun graphics to help you document your creative habits or creative hobbies in your albums.

Make Digital Stamp Brushes

You Got This Journaling Cards
This set was designed to document the not-so-perfect moments in life. Life may be messy at times as everyone has their own issues or hardships, but that doesn't mean these moments should be ignored. I hope these cards can help you record your thoughts and feelings on any challenges you may face.

You Got This Digital Stamp Brushes 

Belgium Journaling Cards
I actually designed these a few months ago as I was working on the Belgium section of my Europe travel album, and thought to add them to my shoppe in case others who have also traveled to Belgium find them useful. Just some simple cards documenting some of my favorite things in Belgium - beer, chocolate, and moules-frites!

Belgium Digital Stamp Brushes

Portland Journaling Cards
One final travel theme - PDX! I recently went to visit Portland and I thoroughly enjoyed the laidback and relaxed vibe of this place. I'm hoping this set I designed reflects the fun and quirkiness of the city.

Portland Digital Stamp Brushes

That wraps up my shoppe update for January. Hope you find something you like! As always, I'd love to see how you're using In a Creative Bubble products. Just tag me on instagram with @inacreativebubble or #inacreativebubble :) Thanks for your continued support!