Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shoppe Update

After a one month (shoppe) hiatus spent traveling in Asia and Central Europe (see snippets of my adventures on instagram), I'm back today with an update at In a Creative Bubble! I'm really excited about these new products as I've designed them with summertime adventures and happy everyday moments in mind. There is a wide range of journaling cards and stamps, and you can find them all in the new section of the shoppe. Here's a look at what's new:

Summer Journaling Cards No.1
I had so much fun illustrating the watermelon popsicle, and from there, I decided to go with a bright color scheme to evoke the joyful moments of summertime. The 'summer lovin' card is another favorite as it mixes clean type and handlettering. Yay!

Summer Journaling Cards No.2
I had a couple more ideas for summertime themed cards so I designed a second set of cards using the same color scheme as the first. I hope these cards make you happy and you find ways to incorporate them in your summertime documenting, whether that may be through a mini-book or Project Life!

Summer Stamp Brushes

Sunkissed Journaling Cards
This set of cards features a more muted color scheme and was designed with beach days in mind. There's a palm tree patterned card and ones filled with summer-y icons as a subtle nod to the theme. I'm quite happy with how these designs turned out and I hope you like them too :)

Sunkissed Stamp Brushes

Good Stuff Journaling Cards
As always, I try to include some everyday cards with my releases each time. This set is a bit of a departure from my normal color choices but I wanted to add some variety to my shoppe. I love playing with type and pattern, and this set has a good mix of both.

This & That Journaling Cards
Oh man, this was a fun set to design! I wanted to make cards that were whimsical, bold, and playful and I think this set reflects those things. My personal favorites are the 'super cool' card (manipulating type = really fun!) and the colorful patterned card, the latter really bringing together the overall vibe and color scheme of the set.

This & That Stamp Brushes

Manila Journaling Cards
Finally, another set of cards (+ digital stamps) to add to the Travel category of my shoppe. Manila is my second home and I've been wanting to design a set of cards featuring this place since I visit it so often. I know there's a group of Project Lifers in the Philippines as well, so I am hoping there are others out there who find this set useful for their albums! I debated whether to make this a more general 'Philippines as a country' themed set and include tropical/island/beach themed designs (because the beaches in the Philippines are incredible! El Nido is my fave <3), but decided to just focus on the country's capital and simply make cards that are more versatile. The Sunkissed cards work well if you're looking to document tropical or beach-themed happenings though :)

Manila Stamp Brushes

That's all from me for now...going to try and squeeze in a second update at the end of the month ;) Thanks for looking and I hope you find something in my shoppe that you love! Happy Thursday, everyone. xo.


  1. Love the Philippines cards even though I've never been there!

  2. Geralyn, your work is so beautiful. Do you anticipate producing your brushes as photopolymer stamps?

    1. Thank you! It's definitely something I want to do in the future but there's no timeline as of now. Brushes are your best bet for the current designs :)