Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shoppe Update

Hey everyone! I just updated the In a Creative Bubble shoppe with a bunch of new journaling cards and printables. This is the first release for August and as always, I'll try and squeeze in a second update at the end of the month :) This time around, I played around with incorporating my own handwriting on the new designs. I wrote out words and phrases until I was happy with how they looked, then I digitized them in Illustrator for these products. I also digitized some doodles which you'll find in one of the new sets :)  This was a lot of fun to do and possibly something I'll experiment more with in the future. You can find all the newest items here in the shoppe, and here's a quick recap on the new designs.

Olympics 2016 Journaling Cards
I actually uploaded these in the shoppe a few days earlier since the Olympics have been in full swing for almost a week now. Anyone else glued to the screen watching the games? This is probably the only time I ever voluntarily watch sports (ha!) and I enjoy having it on in the background while I work. As I said, I included some of my own handwriting on these cards. The 'team' card is perfect for you to fill in your country! I'm rooting for Team Canada ;)

School Days Journaling Cards
I started seeing tons of back-to-school advertisements at the end of July, and it seemed crazy to think that school is starting again so soon. Then I realized that all districts/provinces/states have their own schedules and some kids have already gone back to school. Where I'm from, school doesn't normally start until the first week of September, so there's still a bit of summer left to savor. Regardless, I thought these School Days cards would be useful for some of you! This set was really fun to work on. I doodled lots of school-related icons and turned those doodles into a fun, patterned card. Again, there's more of my handwriting as well as some simple and versatile designs.

School Days Digital Stamps

Dwell Journaling Cards
Home - one of my favorite themes. I'm such a homebody at heart and I find lots of pleasure in simply staying at home and hanging out - watching dramas, crafting, designing or enjoying a good book. This set was designed with those thoughts in mind and these cards are perfect for documenting simple everyday moments at home.

Dwell Stamp Brushes

Storyteller Journaling Cards
This hobby that we love is all about storytelling. Stories from the heart. Stories that we want to remember. Stories of converstaions and big + small moments in our lives. I wanted to make a simple set of cards that can be used to help record these stories and I hope you like them! Again, lots of my own handwriting incorporated on the cards. Bright colors and clean designs - my favorite :)

Storyteller Stamp Brushes

Hope you find something that interests you :) Thanks for checking out my shoppe and I can't wait to see what you make with the products! Happy Thursday xo.


  1. love the back to school stuff // I have ONE MORE FREE week. ugh. goodbye summer / hello school

    1. thank you!! enjoy the rest of your summer D: