Monday, May 11, 2020

Shop Update

Hey everyone! Hope you're continuing to stay safe and well in these uncertain times. It's crazy to think that we're already nearing mid-May and we've been in lockdown for two months now. The days continue to be full of ups and downs but we're managing to get by despite various stresses and worries. There's been talk in the city of slowly easing restrictions these coming weeks and months, and hopefully things look up soon.

Clearly the pandemic season has continued to be on my mind these days and as there have been several requests for products to document our current times, this release focuses on just that. Today's small shop update at In a Creative Bubble is all about quarantine life and how we're spending our time at home these days, and I hope you find these products useful for your own journals. Let's take a look at what's new:

New Normal Journaling Cards
The first theme I wanted to focus on for this release was 'the new normal' and how we're all trying to stay sane and keep going in these weird times. "Feeling all the feels and confusing all the days" basically sums up my quarantine life!

New Normal Digital Stamps

New Normal Elements

Stay Home Journaling Cards
The second theme I wanted to focus on is 'staying home'. I released the At Home journaling cards last month, but as I mentioned, I had lots of ideas on this theme and decided to expand on it again with some specific prompts on how we're spending our days at home, whether that be making stuff, reading, spending more time in the kitchen (100% me right now), binge watching shows, etc. I think these cards can definitely be useful for everyday life documenting as well, outside of this current season.

Stay Home Digital Stamps

Stay Home Elements

Quarantine Life Traveler's Notebook Papers
This release was originally going to be just the 3x4 journal card sets (and coordinating digital stamps & elements), but I had a lot of feedback over the weekend that people would appreciate Traveler's Notebook sized versions of the journaling cards as well. So this TN paper pack is a last minute addition to the shop and is a compilation of select designs from the New Normal journaling cards and the Stay Home journaling cards, redesigned to fit the TN size.

Since I wanted to keep these TN papers black and white so they would be more versatile, that meant I had to choose which designs would work best in this limited color scheme and format...I ended up choosing nine cards from the New Normal set and eleven cards from the Stay Home set. Due to the uneven numbers, I combined the designs from both sets for this ultimate pack of TN papers to help document life in quarantine. Hope you like them!

And that's a wrap for today's release. Hope you all continue to take care and thank you for stopping by and continuing to support In a Creative Bubble! xo.