Thursday, May 23, 2019

Shop Update // Travel Release

Hey everyone! I'm super stoked about May's In a Creative Bubble shop update because it's the time of the year that I release my big travel collection :) This year's new travel themed collection is called Adventure Bound, and it's the perfect one for documenting your adventures, experiences, observations, and travel stories. I've also got some new 3x8 and Traveler's Notebook sized products in the shop as well!


Let's start off with the Adventure Bound collection. This new collection is bright and whimsical, with modern and graphic designs, as well as a bit of my own handwriting. Along with the journaling cards and digital stamps, there are also two sets of printable elements and the fan-favorite black and white prompt cards. You can pick and choose which sets you would like, but if you're interested in the full collection, I've set up a bundle in my shop for all the products and you get 10% off! :) Here's a look at the new products:

Adventure Bound Journaling Cards No.1

Adventure Bound Journaling Cards No.2
The 4x6 tickets card will be super fun to fill in with little notes or bits of ephemera! :)

Adventure Bound Journaling Cards No.3
The 'around town' card is my personal favorite and it can definitely be used for adventures abroad or just wandering around your own city!

Adventure Bound Prompt Cards

Adventure Bound Elements No.1

Adventure Bound Elements No.2
I normally only do one set of elements for my travel releases, but I had too many ideas this time so I split it up into two sets. I'm particularly excited about this set because I designed some travel patch-inspired elements! These 'patches' are simple enough to cut by hand (or get fancy and pull out your Cameo for the print + cut feature!) and they will be the perfect touch as little embellishments for travel projects.

Adventure Bound Digital Stamps No.1

Adventure Bound Digital Stamps No.2

Bon Voyage // 3x8 + TN Travel 

I've also got some brand new 3x8 and traveler's notebook sized travel themed products to match this month's release. These products were designed to coordinate with the Adventure Bound collection, but I just gave them a different name so that there won't be any confusion with what's included in the Adventure Bound bundle as these 3x8 and TN sized products are completely separate.

3x8 Bon Voyage Layered Photo Templates

Bon Voyage Traveler's Notebook Papers
This Traveler's Notebook (4.33x8.25") sized paper set is a personal favorite from this whole release and it will be so fun to use them in my traveler's notebook as full pages and as inserts in my regular travel mini-books! The ideas are brewing and I can't wait to put them to use.

4.25x8.25" Bon Voyage Layered Photo Templates
I believe this is the first time I am releasing traveler's notebook sized layered photo templates and I think they will be a great addition to the shop. Would you like to see more TN sized products (papers and this size of templates) in the store?

This full sized release has a total of twelve new products and one collection bundle. Whew! It was definitely a labor of love designing this month's products but thankfully, travel is my favorite theme to make and I'm happy with the resulting designs! I cannot wait to use these for my own travel documenting. Hopefully you find them helpful for your travel projects as well. Thank you for checking them out and for your continued support of my shop. Have a great weekend!

PS. Just a reminder to check the Last Chance category in the store, since there are several products that will be retired at the end of May. Thank you! xo.


  1. Exciting collection! I want it all!

  2. Love it all! And I'd love to see more TN size anything- especially from my favorite designer ;)